Hillary Clinton regains lead over Trump in post-convention poll

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Washington, Aug 2: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton regained a lead over her Republican rival Donald Trump after the two major parties' conventions got over last week after earning a seven-point bounce, as per a new CNN/ORC poll.

While Clinton led Trump 52 per cent to 43 per cent in a two-way head-to-head, she led Trump and third party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein by 45 per cent to 37, 9 and 5 per cents, respectively, in a four-way contest, CNN reported. [Hillary slams Trump for "absolute allegiance" to Russia]

donald trump and hillary clinton

Besides gaining a lead over Trump, Clinton also got a boost by the fact that a higher percentage of Americans now believe that her policies will lead the US in the right direction, said the report. Trump's numbers, on the other hand, remained roughly steady after the two conventions held in Cleveland and Philadelphia between July 18 and 28.

Suppport for Hillary has increased compared to that in May

The CNN report also said that a majority of Hillary's supporters expressed that their votes for Hillary are more to back her than oppose Trump---which marks a sharp shift than what it was in early May.

In May, 48 per cent said their votes meant to show support for Hillary while that number has gone up to 58 per cent now. Trump's numbers are no less significant although they are more divided. While 47 per cent said they were backing Trump as a mark of support to the Republican candidate, 50 per cent said it was more of a negative verdict against Hillary.

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