Shooting of unarmed black teen in Ferguson and protests that ensued: Explained

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Ferguson, Aug 18: An 18-year-old, unarmed Afro-American was shot dead by a Ferguson police officer on August 9, 2014.

The incident has kicked off massive protests and riots in the US city.

The racial tension grew to such dimension that the city authorities had to declare a state of emergency - Something very uncommon in the US.

Ferguson incident: Explained

Here is how the events unfurled:

The teenager's death

• Michael Brown, a student, was walking by the road when Darren Wilson, a white police officer asked him to move to the side walk and shot him.

• Brown's post-mortem report says that he was shot at least 6 times.

• Allegedly, Brown's body was left in the street unclaimed for several hours after his death

• On Aug 16, President Barack Obama offered his condolences to Brown's family and community

Police allegation

• Police alleged that Brown and his friend were suspects in a convenience store robbery. Allegedly, they stole a box of cigars.

• Darren Wilson alleged that Brown tried to assault him physically when he stopped the teenagers for questioning.

• Brown tried to seize Wilson's gun, the police said.

• Allegedly, the state govt tried to shield Wilson by withholding his name for a few days

Witness' account

• Brown "did not reach for the officer's weapon at all", said Dorian Johnson who was with Brown at the time of the incident

• Another witness said that the officer shot twice at Brown even after he raised his arms in compliance

• After the first shot, Wilson chased Brown for about 20 feet before shooting him again, said a witness Piaget Crenshaw

Riots and Racial tension

• On August 10, a peaceful candlelight vigil was observed for Brown.

• After some members of the crown got violent, local police were deployed near the venue.

• Protesters looted at least 12 shops, vandalized vehicles and attacked police

• A gas station was set on fire, around 30 were arrested after the incident

•August 12,massive protest was held in the city, seeking criminal prosecution of Darren Wilson.

• Police alleged that several protesters threw bottles at them

• Police used tear gas, smoke bombs, flash grenades, rubber bullets to disperse the protesting crowd

• On August 16, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency in Ferguson and implemented nightly curfews

US jury's decision and protests

• US grand jury, on November 25, 2014, decided not to charge the police officer. 

• News of the ruling triggerd heavy protests and riotings in Ferguson

• Shots were fired and cars and buildings set alight as police fired tear gas to break up the crowd of protesters.

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