Experimental drug ZMapp cures Ebola infected monkeys

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ZMapp may soon cure Ebola
Washington, Aug 30: Even as the deadly Ebola virus continues to claim lives in West Africa, researchers are trying to come up with vaccines and drugs to fight off the virus.

However there may be a ray of hope for reserchers as an experimental drug believed to cure Ebola was given to 18 Ebola-infected monkeys who were healed post treatment.

The drug, ZMapp was given to 18 monkeys who were infected with Ebola three to five days later after they were infected. The drug also protected six other monkeys who were given a slightly different version of the drug.

Though it is not known how the drug would work on human beings, for animals, the drug has worked well since the animals have been showing signs of improvement, an official said.

No human trials of the ZMapp had been conducted before until two American workers working in Africa were allowed to try it. Both the Americans recovered after they were flown to the US for treatment.

According to WHO, Ebola has killed more than 1500 people this year. WHO had recently allowed the trial of experimental drugs to cure Ebola.

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