CIA misled White House about torturing 9/11 detainees: Report

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Washington, Dec 10: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the American intelligence body misled the White House and the people about its torturing the detainees after the 9/11 terror attacks and acted more brutally than it is known, a US Senate report revealed on Tuesday.

The Senate Intelligence Committee's review of 6.3 million pages of the CIA papers that went on for five years said that the agency failed to foil even one plot despite torturing captives belonging to al Qaeda and other outfits in secret facilities across the globe between 2002 and 2006. George W Bush was the president of the US during this time.

CIA misled White House

The CIA conducted interrogation to extract information from suspects after the dreaded attacks on 9/11 and the interrogation sessions were facilitated by two agency contractors in they took place in countries like Afghanistan, Poland and Romania. Sources in the law enforcement

Captives were denied sleep for upto 180 hours and were also subjected to rectal feeding or rectal hydration without any documented medical need, said a Reuters report. The detainees were kept shackled in dark and isolated cells, were exposed to loud noise and given just one bucket for relieving themselves.

The United Nations' special rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism said the report revealed policies that were orchestrated at high levels and sought prosecution of US officials.

The CIA dismissed the report's findings and said the interrogations secured valuable information. The Republicans, who recently proved their dominance in the Senate, criticised the Democrats for releasing the report, saying it would put the Americans under threat.

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