Christianity in Pakistan: Karachi set to house Asia’s largest cross

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Islamabad, May 22: After Hindus, Christians are Pakistan's second-largest minority group representing about 1.6% of the country's overwhelmingly Muslim population. A spate of minority attacks were seen in Karachi the port city of Pakistan.

The city is set to become home to Asia's largest cross. A 140-foot bullet proof cross is being built at the Gora Qabristan Cemetry in Karachi. The cross is being built by Christian Pakistani businessman Parvez Henry. Following a dream in which Gill claims to have seen God asking him to do something for the Christian community four years ago, Dawn online reported.

Asia’s largest cross in Karachi

The Muslim worker, Mohammad Ali, who has been working at the construction site, says the cross is a "work of God." He is working 14 hours a day, seven days a week, mentioning Gill's support of his family as a reason for his commitment, Christian Examiner reports.

Karachi is home to around one million Christians. Gill says the cross will "be a symbol of God, and everybody who sees this will be worry-free."

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The Gora Qabristan is a Christian cemetery that is frequently the target of miscreants. In 2013, more than 100 people were killed in a suicide bombing at a church.

The cross stands on a 20-feet underground base and according to Gill it is "bulletproof and made of tons and tons of steel, iron and cement."

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