Bizarre: Man finds solace in coconut tree to escape nagging wife

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Man climbs coconut tree to escape wife
Kuala Lumpur, Oct 7: Surely we have heard men complaining about their wives after marriage. While some continue to ignore what their wives say, some take the unusual route to tackle the nagging wives.

This man could surely relate to the song 'Your driving me crazy!' because thats exactly what his wife did; drove him crazy.

A 76-year-old man found solace recently in a coconut tree after his wife drove him out of the living room so that she could clean the room. Tired of the nagging and bickering the man walked out of the home and climbed a 9 metre high coconut tree.

Once the wife realised he was atop a coconut tree she pleaded him for almost three hours to come down but he refused.

Finally when he refused to come down, the wife had to call in the local fire department who safely brought him down.

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