ISIS is beyond beheadings: 'Iraqi women face rape, torture, forced conversion'

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Baghdad, Sept 15: As the ISIS militants continue to display their barbarism by beheading two US journalists and a UK social aid worker, David Haines, in the latest video, the horrific tale of their brutality doesn't end there.

Behind the cameras, ISIS continues to unleash its bloody cruelty by abducting, raping, trafficking and forcefully marrying the Iraqi women.

Heart-breaking revelations

According to a blog written by Catherine M Russell, the Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues, in the US Department of State on Friday, she has urged that ISIS's abuse of women and girls must be stopped.

"Thousands of women and girls abducted from their families and sold in markets over the last two months", the blog post says.

The blog reveals the ugliest and the darkest side of the cruelty shown by ISIS militants like, it says, " the captured women and children have been tortured, raped, given to ISIS thugs as "brides," or kept as sex slaves. Around 1,500 to 4,000 women and girls (as young as 12 or 13), mostly from Yazidi and others minorities communities, have been taken from Iraq to ISIS camps in Syria and never heard from again."

"To avoid sexual slavery, some women have even ended their lives and those who survive have been forced to watch their children getting mercilessly beaten by the ISIS militants, so that they convert to Islam. Some have simply been executed", it further says.

The captured women and girls have reportedly begged to be killed rather than to be the concubines of the ISIS militants.

"The de-humanization of women and girls is central to ISIL's campaign of terror, through which it destroys communities, rewards its fighters and feeds its evil", it said.

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On dealing with ISIS

Catherine, further, says in her blog, "when we engage with the Iraqi government, we will be discussing how best to marshal resources to address ISIL's targeting of women and girls and how to make sure those who have been abducted and trafficked are returned to their families."

"The United States continues to offer humanitarian assistance to help those displaced by ISIL advances in northern Iraq, and we will work with the new Iraqi government and the international community as we respond to the ISIL threat against the women and girls of the region", it added.

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