Aggressive Trump or pacifist Sanders? US military is divided

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Washington, March 17: The American military is divided on supporting Republican Donald Trump and Democratic Bernie Sanders on tthe question of choosing a presidential candidate, according to an article in

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The US president is the commander-in-chief of the country's military.

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Like the rest of the US which has been polarised in this presidential election, the country's armed forces are also in splits over the new incumbent in the White House in January 2017. The military personnel are concerned over what tactic the new president adopts when it comes to war. American military personnel are based in almost 150 countries acorss the world.

While Trump has vowed to make the US military a force that nobody will dare to mess with, Sanders is known for his anti-war stand.

According to a sample survey of the American military conducted by the Military Times, almost 27 per cent backed Trump while Sanders came second with 22 per cent.

The duo were followed by Republican Ted Cruz at just below 17 per cent while Hillary Clinton got only 11.17 per cent.

Marco Rubio, who pulled out of the race after losing in his home state of Florida, finished with just 9.33 per cent.

However, Sanders led among the US Navy and Air Force personnel. The Marine Corps, on the other hand, gave a majority to Trump.

The results are interesting since Trump and Sanders have completely contradictory stands on the style of conducting the country's military policy.

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