600-year-old warship wreckage found in Britain

Posted By: IANS
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London, Oct 12: The wreckage of a 600-year-old warship has been found buried deep in a river in Britain's Hampshire country, the media reported on Monday.

The warship, Holigost was the second of four great ships built for King Henry V's campaign to conquer France, The Telegraph reported.

Ancient warship wreckage found in UK

The Holigost joined the royal fleet on November 17, 1415 and took part in operations between 1416 and 1420, including two of the most significant naval battles of The Hundred Years War.

It served as the flagship of the Duke of Bedford at the battle of Harfleur in 1416, suffering serious damage. It was also used in missions led by the Earls of Devon and Dorset.

British heritage protection organisation, Historic England is to launch a large scale archaeological investigation into the warship found in the waters of river Hamble. Over the next few years archaeologists will be using sonar, remote sensing, drone technology and dendrochronology - the study of tree rings - to learn all they can about the vessel.

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The ship had a crew of 200 sailors in 1416, but also carried large numbers of soldiers to war, as many as 240 in one patrol.

Duncan Wilson, chief of Historic England said: "The Battle of Agincourt is one of those historic events that has acquired huge national significance."

"To investigate a ship from this period close to the 600th anniversary is immensely exciting," he added.

Marine archaeologists are hoping excavations of the ship will provide new insights into Henry's navy, life aboard ship in the 15th century and English and Spanish shipbuilding techniques.


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