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With support from Italy, Canada, how Khalistanis are looking to meddle with Indian elections


New Delhi, Jan 9: In the past two years, the Indian Agencies have cracked down heavily on Khalistan terror modules. At least 18 Khalistan terror modules were busted and over 95 persons were arrested.

With support from Italy, Canada, how Khalistanis are looking to meddle with Indian elections

While this is an impressive number, the challenge does not end here. Intelligence Bureau officials tell OneIndia that more attempts would be made to revive the movement, especially ahead of the elections.

Ban on KLF is a step forward on cracking down on ISI-SJF sponsored Khalistan movement

Several forces from other countries would use the Khalistan and other terror modules to meddle with the Indian elections. The idea would be to cause an extreme amount of instability ahead of the elections.

The Khalistan forces are known to have support in several countries such as Italy, Canada, United Kingdom and even in the United States. However the primary support for the terror modules comes from Pakistan.

Officials also say that ahead of the polls, their activities are likely to go up. There would be various narratives that would be put out in public. Attempts to carry out terror strikes would also be made in a bid to create communal trouble and instability.

In a bid to gain traction, the Khalistan terrorists have not only used Punjab, but held events in other parts of the world as well. One of the most spoken about events was the one held in London in August last year. There is a similar event proposed in Pakistan this year as well, which is being led by the Sikhs For Justice.

The Khalistan call is not freedom of expression as termed by the United States

The event was held at the Trafalgar Square on August 12 and was organised by the SJF or the Sikhs for Justice. Officials in India tell OneIndia that the the SJF has been acting as a front for terror activities.

The SJF is a New York based organisation which is organising the event and several reports in India prepared by the various agencies clearly suggest that it is a pro-Khalistan front. It has been instrumental in undertaking both pro-khalistan and anti-India activities, both in the US and other countries.

IB officials say that while the ISI backs this movement heavily, most of the funding has come from countries such as UK, Canada and even Italy.

In addition to the Khalistan trouble the NIA had also learnt after the busting of the ISIS inspired module that the ISI and the Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh were making efforts to meddle with the elections in India. This combination had tried a similar modus operandi in Bangladesh ahead of the elections, but the same had been foiled.

Similar attempts will be made in India. The intelligence agencies are reporting extensive activity by ISI moles and agents to disrupt the polls and create havoc ahead of the polls.

IB officials say that the ISI and the Jamaat would also look to activate modules in West Bengal and the neighbouring areas ahead of the elections. The ISI and Jamaat are clearly unhappy with India backing the Awami League over the BNP. There would be attempts to avenge the support that India is handing out to the ruling party in Bangladesh.

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