With fatwa Imams such as these, how can Modi give up his security cover

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There appears to be no stopping this Imam who gets away by flaunting his proximity to West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee. He does not seem to let go of his lal batti or red beacon. All his statements are directed against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and there have been at least two police complaints against him.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The cleric Noor-ur-Rehman Barkati had left the nation in splits when he said it was the British who gave him permission to sport the red beacon. He gave the most bizarre logic to defend his statement. He said that we still followed the laws laid down by the British and hence he falls under that ambit.

He repeatedly says that he will not take out the red beacon from his vehicle. The West Bengal Chief Minister has not asked me to take it out, he says while flaunting his proximity to her.

On Friday he came up with another bizarre explanation to retain the lal batti on his car. He said he would take it out on the condition that Modi gives up his security. Let the PM and his cabinet ministers give up their security including black cat commandos. Let them give up other privileges such as flying inn choppers and I will give up my red beacon, he said.

He went on to also rant about the police complaints that have been filed against him. He said that these complaints are like awards to him. He once again challenged the RSS while accusing them of dividing Hindus and Muslims. He said if they were so brave, then they must go to the borders and fight. He even said that he should be made the general of the Indian Army. Make me general and I will show how to fight the enemies of the country. We know how to fight he also said.

To a jibe by the CPI(M) that his statements were in fact helping the RSS, the Imam said, " let them first fight the RSS. If they do then I will shut my mouth."

Known as the fatwa Imam, he was in the news for issuing a fatwa against against Modi for making the decision on demonetisation. He has also issued fatwas against Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen and several others.

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