With clean shaven bodies terrorists had come to perform ultimate sacrifice in Pampore

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New Delhi, June 27: In the Pampore attack the militants had used unmarked grenades. Normally grenades that are used have a mark in which country it has been made.

In this attack however the grenades were unmarked which suggests that they wanted security forces to speculate. It has also been learnt that the terrorists had come to carry out the ultimate sacrifice.

Jammu and Kashmir

Their bodies were clean shaven and this is part of a ritual undertaken by the fidayeens prior to an attack.

On Saturday, 8 CRPF personnel were martyred when their bus was attacked by militants on the Srinagar-Jammu highway at Pampore. The ploy to use unmarked grenades appeared to be intentional as the militants wanted the security forces to speculate regarding its origin.

Militants came prepared to die:

The attack goes on to show that the CRPF was caught off guard. Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar even stated that the standard operating procedure may have not been followed.

The terrorists completed the attack in just 30 seconds. There had been a build up of the militants in Jammu and Kashmir for a couple of days.

The militants from Pakistan were aided by the local operatives. It was in fact the locals who dropped the two other militants at the spot before fleeing.

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They wanted to create a sense of confusion and hence used both the locals and the foreign militants. Moreover the militants intentionally used unmarked grenades to create further confusion over the origin of the ammunition. Apart from the grenades, they had two AK-47 rifles and 174 rounds of ammunition.

Further on inspecting the bodies of the two terrorists, investigators learnt that they had come to undertake the ultimate sacrifice. The bodies of the two terrorists were completely shaved which is a clear indicator that they had come to die.

There is a ritual performed by members of a suicide squad before an attack and this includes clean shaving their bodies.

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