Shami witness twitter account holder a resident of Kolkata?

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Bengaluru, Dec 12: As the investigations continue into the Shami Witness incident, there are indications to show that the account owner was a resident of West Bengal, Rajarhat Gopalpur, North 24 Parganas. He may be aged 25 is also what has been learnt.

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While these are some of the details that the National Investigating Agency and the Central Intelligence Bureau is looking into, they are also ascertaining a new claim by him where he has told Channel 4 that he will not resist arrest if the police are ready to question him.

He also says that he is ready to be arrested if the police only question him. He however has also said that he fears for his life and that the Indian police may want to kill him thinking he may retaliate. "I have no weapons and I do not keep a gun at home", he also said.

Multiple theories:

The Indian agencies at the moment are not ruling out anything. They are following every lead including interacting with the British authorities who are trying to make a case on him.

What has been extremely confusing for the investigators is his identity and a few officers point out that a couple of months there was even a suspicion that he may not be an Indian national and could be from Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh angle cropped up after he had posted some tweets about the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh which was scheming the Burdhwan operation.

A fan boy:

While scrutinizing his account details and his antecedents, it has been found that he was a fan boy of the ISIS. He started tweeting first in favour of the Al Qaeda in Iraq and then shifted to the ISIS when they intensified the war in Syria.

He was no doubt a very powerful propaganda artist, but going by his own claims of 2012, he was not associated directly with the ISIS. He just felt that they were doing the right thing and he needed to propagate.

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