Why West Bengal needs to be careful: 10,000 JMB operatives are with IS

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The recent interrogation of Musa, an Islamic State-inspired operative from Kolkata reveals that at least 10,000 members of the dreaded Bangladesh outfit, Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen had joined the terror organisation. This is a worrying sign for India, since the JMB has a large number of its operatives in West Bengal.

Amid the allegations of appeasement against the West Bengal government, Indian security agencies say that if this problem is not nipped in the bud, it could spin out of control.

Why West Bengal needs to be careful: 10,000 JMB operatives are with IS

The blast at Burdhwan was a classic example of how members of the JMB had a field day in West Bengal preparing bomb until an accidental blast exposed the entire module.

10,000 JMB members have joined the IS

Musa is heard telling his handler Shafi Armar that at least 10,000 operatives of the JMB, Bangladesh have joined the Islamic State. He further tells Armar that with such a large number of members, it is time to shun the lone-wolf strategy and instead plan a huge coordinated attack.

He then goes on to appraise Armar about the Kashmir battle. He says that he had visited the Dal Lake in Srinagar and has an attacked planned out. He adds that there are several fighters in Kashmir, but their ideologies are impure. He says that the real fighter is the one who supports and imposes the Shariat.

He goes on to say that the RSS, VHP and the BJP leaders must be targetted.

"A large majority of the Indian population is close to them and hence carrying out attacks on the leaders makes sense," he emphasises.

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