Why the Intelligence Bureau is focusing on smaller towns more

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New Delhi, April 5: The Intelligence Bureau has decided to step up surveillance in smaller towns ahead of several warnings. Terror will emerge from the smaller towns of the state an intelligence bureau warning suggests.

Moreover the recent investigations have shown that most terror groups have been setting up shop in smaller towns or two-tier cities.

Why IB is focusing on smaller towns

An Intelligence Bureau official told OneIndia that their operations would be intensified in smaller towns and two-tier cities as terrorists have been setting up shop there with an view of avoiding heat.

Why are smaller towns preferred?

Earlier the target of any terrorist group was always the bigger towns and cities. This was because attacks in bigger cities drew more attention. However today with the surveillance high in the bigger cities, groups have gradually moved their operations to smaller towns.

The official says that this is a two pronged ploy by these groups.. Either they would look to carry out an attack in a smaller town or use it to hide and plot. The most recent case being the one which involved three alleged operatives of the SIMI. They carried out all their operations in smaller towns or two-tier cities. In Karnataka, they rented houses in Yadgir, Dharwad and Gulbarga. From here they went to Karimnagar in Telangana to undertake a robbery to fund their activities.

They had also rented a house in Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh where they were preparing a bomb. However due an accidental blast, they shifted out of them. From here they went to Mahabubnagar in Telangana. They also shifted to Guntur for some time. Finally they were arrested in Odisha.

The IB says that this is becoming the trend. The notion that terrorists will attack only big cities will not stand in today's type of terrorism. The smaller cities or towns are equally important to monitor, the IB officer further informed.

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