Why terrorists do not take loans?

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Bengaluru, May 23: There is an interesting aspect about any terrorist group. They will loot, steal, collect a ransom but will never take a loan. Terrorists consider loans as un-Islamic and hence would prefer to do anything under the sun to raise money.

Take a look at the ISIS, which is going around capturing cities and taking over oil wells. All of them need money and hence the more the merrier. But, what about a relatively smaller group like the SIMI or the Indian Mujahideen. They rely on robbery, abduction and sale of arms in the black market to raise funds.


Explaining the loan phobia of a terrorist:

Indian Mujahideen leader Riyaz Bhatkal had once refused to ride a bike. The reason beind the motor cycle was purchased on a loan. Here is an interesting tit bit on that conversation between Riyaz and his brother Iqbal when the two met in Mumbai.

It was the year 2003 and Iqbal who was in India at that time called on his brother. The two met at Mumbai and discussed a host of issues which included setting up of a telephone booth. The booth was meant to be a front so that they could avoid the heat of the police.

However, Riyaz first asked Iqbal, how he was planning to raise the money for the same. When Iqbal told him that he could get a loan, Riyaz struck down the idea saying loans are un-Islamic, the chargesheet filed by the National Investigating Agency states.

A couple of days later, Iqbal once again meets with his brother. This time Iqbal goes on a motor cycle to meet him. At this time Riyaz is with Yasin Bhatkal another major operative of the Indian Mujahideen. Both ask Iqbal how he had purchased this bike to which the response came that he had taken a loan.

Both Yasin and Riyaz were upset and once again reminded him that taking loans is un-Islamic. He should not be using the bike anymore. Iqbal tried his best to convince both of them that it is perfectly fine to take a loan but they were not impressed.

Bringing in the money:

Riyaz and Yasin discussed various other ways of bringing in the money. They had planned a series of abductions and also loot banks. Further they had also decided to get in touch with cottage industries in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh and purchase pistols from them.

The idea was to sell these pistols at a higher cost and use the money to fund their outfit. The two were aware that the ISI was not going to pool in the money at first. The ISI wanted a self sufficient outfit and had promised that they would be taken to Pakistan only after they executed a series of attacks.

Riyaz had managed to slip out of India and land up in Karachi where is said to be living a luxurious life. However Yasin remained in India and carried out the attacks. A month before he was arrested he had fought with Riyaz over phone and complained that he too wanted the luxuries in Pakistan. However when he was trying to cross over into Pakistan via Nepal, he was arrested.

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