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When Bhagdadi said, "I will see you guys in New York"


New Delhi, June 29: The attacks at France, Kuwait and Tunisia have raised security concerns for the United States of America which has sounded a warning for the Fourth of July 2015.

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The United States of America has been on the ISIS map for long and if one goes by an American account of what Abu Bakr-Al-Baghdadi had to say, then the US is right about raising this concern.

I will see you guys in New York

The case of Bhagdadi is quite a strange one. He was released by the United States of America from Iraq with a note, " NOT DANGEROUS." Another account by the Americans was that when Bhagdadi was released in the year 2009, he had told the Americans, " I will see you guys in New York."

Although there is no evidence to substantiate Bhagdadi's last words before he walked free, today many could say that the Americans have blundered in underestimating the man who today is the world's most powerful terrorist.

I will seen you guys in New York:

The Americans today are paranoid about Bhagdadi and his ISIS. Following the attacks at Kuwait, France and Tunisia, the Americans have raised the alert bar to very high. There is a specific threat warning for the Fourth of July and the American Intelligence says that there is chatter which suggests the same.

The target city could be New York and there could be many reasons for the same. Hitting New York gives any terrorist group a cult status. The al-Qaeda too attained a cult status after the 9/11 attack.

The ISIS which had declared the Caliphate an year back would be looking to stage several spectacular attacks to commemorate the one year anniversary. Over all the threat perception has been placed at ‘very high' and the US agencies are taking no chances.

Encouraging the lone wolf:

The ISIS is not going to send in its fighters to New York for sure. With this continued jabber on the internet about striking America, it becomes clear that the ISIS is trying to lure some radical youth within the US to stage the attack.

There have been attacks in the name of the ISIS which have been carried out by the lone wolves. The France attack or the one at Tunisia were attacks carried out by ISIS inspired persons. The ISIS just had to invest in their ideology and the rest was taken care of by the lone wolf who spent his own money.

Moreover the ISIS also realizes that the lone wolves are extremely difficult to nab. How do you spot one in the crowd of millions. No intelligence agency will be able to tell what each citizen of a country is thinking. Moreover there is no pattern involved in a lone wolf strike which makes the job of an intelligence agency even more harder.

UK on high alert too:

The ISIS which has a considerable number of fighters from the UK will look to target that country as well. The UK has been under the radar of the ISIS for a very long time now and the Intelligence agencies have raised concerns about the same.

The ISIS realizes that UK in the years to come will provide them with the highest number of fighters. Any strike in the UK would only boost the number of fighters joining them. Moreover the UK fighters who are currently in Iraq and Syria have been urging the ISIS leadership to plan something spectacular in the UK.

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