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What the 2014 exit polls predicted? A look at their track record


New Delhi, May 16: The long, bitter and hard fought election is about to come to a close with only one phase of voting left. The last phase of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 will take place on May 19, and that's when the Exit Polls 2019 results will be announced.

What the 2014 exit polls predicted? A look at their track record

The exit poll results will remain the top topic of discussion for the intervening period until the results are declared which is on May 23, to elect their representatives in 543 seats. In that context, it is perhaps a good time to revisit the Exit Polls that attempted to predict the results of the previous General Election in 2014.

How many seats will BJP win? 300 plus say Modi, ShahHow many seats will BJP win? 300 plus say Modi, Shah

The Exit Polls, then had predicted the NDA to emerge victorious in the elections. But none of them, with the sole exception of Today's Chanakya, accurately predicted the extent of the NDA's victory.

Channels NDA UPA Left Others
News24-Chanakya 340 70 12 133
Mapsofindia.com 330 91 17 120
India TV-C-Voter 289 101 12 133
ABP-Nielsen 281 97 24 141
CNN-IBN-CSDS 272-280 92-102 14-20 111-143
Headlines Today Cicero 261-283 110-120 19 150-162
TimesNow-ORG 249 148 17 129

And the NDA, had eventually, won 336 of the 543 seats and the BJP secured 282 seats on its own. The UPA, on the other hand, won merely 60 and the Congress was reduced to its lowest ever tally of 44.

News24-Chanakya Exit polls, had predicted a landslide victory for the NDA with 340 seats. According to this, UPA is likely to be reduced to its lowest ever tally of just 70 seats.

Slightly more in the mid range, was the Times Now-Org Exit Poll, which gave NDA 249 seat, 23 seats less than the midway mark. This poll also gave UPA 148 seats, which is more than 119 they got in 1999.

The CNN IBN-CSDS polls & the Headlines Today - Cicero polls predicted between 261 to 283 seats for the NDA and between 92 to 120 seats for the UPA.

India TV -C voter & ABP Neilsen polls, both predicted an NDA victory in the range of 281 to 289, with the biggest win for the BJP coming from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

The 2019 Lok Sabha Elections took place in a seven-phased manner, starting from April 10. The last phase of the Elections 2019 will take place on May 19, after which the results will be declared on May 23. However, the Exit Polls will start coming from the time of voting concludes, that is, after 5 pm on May 19. So, will it be a Phir Ek Baar Modi Sarkar? Stay tuned with us for all the developments.

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