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Want to have freshly baked pizza? Hit the vending machine before boarding train


New Delhi, Jan 15: Want to have freshly baked pizza? Well, hit the vending machine before boarding the train.

Want to have freshly baked pizza? Hit the vending machine before boarding train

The Indian Railway and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is planning to give Mumbaikars a cheesy twist to their travel experience by installing automated pizza vending machines at five local railway stations in Mumbai.

The machine provides pizza of one's choice at reasonable prices. The machine delivers the pizza within a few minutes. In order to get the pizza, users need to insert money in the machine and then select the pizza of their choice. Machine prepares the dough, adds the toppings and bakes the pizza. Commuters can collect the pizza from the machine's delivery station.

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The newly installed vending machine not only gives the passengers a chance to enjoy pizza but other finger food like French Fries, popcorn and even ice creams and fruit juices. The customers can pick their toppings for the pizza and will be able to see their pie being made in front of their eyes.

IRCTC also plans to reform its catering stations. Eight new kitchens were opened at various stations. A budget of Rs. 15 crore is also underway to improve food preparation and other catering services.

However, this isn't the first time. Countries like Japan, USA and UK have been using these machines for quite some time now. While the concept may seem bizarre but it is true. These vending machines make fresh dough and bake the pizza with chosen toppings and deliver the pizza hot and fresh. IRCTC may add such machines at other stations soon.

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