Wannabe jihadis in India want to strike in the name of ISIS

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New Delhi, June 18: The investigations being conducted into the busting of a module at Ratlam and also the waiving of flags in Kashmir were initially believed to be connected to the ISIS.

However the investigations have now clearly shown that these were wannabe ISIS groups who took the name of the outfit in a bid to spread fear.

Wannabe jihadis aim to spread fear

The Intelligence Bureau has issued a general alert stating that several persons would try and carry out attacks in the country in the name of the ISIS. In the past couple of months there have been instances to show that certain elements are trying to disrupt peace in the name of the ISIS.

A clarion call by some

It is evident that there are a large number of people who want the ISIS to come to India. Although the ISIS has not revealed any of its India plans and may not for sometime, it is becoming clear that there many are trying to gain their attention.

India would witness events similar to what has been going on in Pakistan.

In Pakistan several groups who need money and resources are carrying out strikes in a bid to gain the attention of the ISIS. They want to send a message of support to the ISIS which has not yet made any plans for both India and Pakistan as yet.

IB officials say that the ISIS lacks the resources for now to operate in the sub-continent. Even in Afghanistan, the ISIS is relying on the splinter factions of the Taliban and the al-Qaeda to wage its war in the name of a group called as the al-Khorasan.

The Ratlam investigation did not lead anywhere

A month back the police in Madhya Pradesh had claimed that they had busted a major module of the ISIS at Ratlam. While it was being termed as the first module of the ISIS in the country, investigations revealed that the youth part of this so-called module were wannabes trying to grab some attention.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that the ISIS is not known to operate in modules. They have an army of their own and would look to target conflict zones.

In Ratlam it was found that these members wanted to gain some attention and hence had created a module and called it the ISIS. The National Investigating Agency which looked into the case too did not find anything incriminating to suggest that the module was in fact set up by the ISIS.

The probe into this module had several hilarious movements and during the investigation, the alleged boss of the operation, Irfan Khan had told the police that he stayed in touch with the ISIS through telegram. He also pointed out how he was trying to raise Rs 40,000 to carry out blasts in the country.

When Hizbul blamed the ISIS

In Kashmir there have been various instances where flags of the ISIS have been waived. The investigations have however revealed that the ISIS has not entered into Kashmir as yet although it is part of their long term plan.

Investigations clearly revealed that out of the four cases that were reported, three were the handiwork of the Hizbul Mujahideen while the other was by a mischief monger.

The Hizbul Mujahideen which has been staging attacks in Sopore has never claimed responsibility. It has either tried to put the blame on the ISIS or the Lashkar-e-Islam, both groups which do not exist in Kashmir.

Areeb Majeed was unclear

Areeb Majeed one of the four youth who had joined the ISIS told the National Investigating Agency after he returned from Syria that he wanted to spread the propaganda of the ISIS. As per his chargesheet, he said that there were no modules of the ISIS in India and he did not have any intention of setting up one either.

However he pointed out that he wanted to spread the ideology of the ISIS.

For starters he wanted to tell shop owners to stop selling cigarettes and alcohol as it was anti Islam. However these statements are debatable since it was the claim of the investigating agencies that Areeb Majeed had begged to come back to India after he found the going tough in the ISIS camps.

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