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Wahabism, Terrorism and the 10 billion dollar India funding

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Terrorism - the problem lies in Wahabism and unless it looked into deep and checked closely, the issue is bound to persist. What Wahabism contributes is a radical thought and complete intolerance which has turned out to be the guiding light to terrorism.

The concept of Wahabism is being exported across the world especially to nations where there are poor Muslims. The one point to be borne in mind is that out of the 100 billion dollars pumped in world wide in the past 10 years, India has received an approximate of 10 billion dollars which came thanks to the visit by the 25000 Wahabis who visited India in 2013 alone.


The double standards of Saudi Arabia:

Dr Yousaf Butt, a senior advisor to the British American Security Information Council, rightly points out the double standards of Saudi Arabia when it comes to dealing with the Wahabis, "strain of Islam centred in Saudi Arabia."

He says while the Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Awad Asiri took part in a "Je suis Charlie" solidarity rally in Beirut following the Paris attacks, back home the Saudi blogger Raif Badawi received the first 50 of 1,000 lashes for running a liberal website promoting the freedom of speech.

The role of Wahabism:

Let us leave aside terrorist groups for a minute and it really does not matter which group is responsible for which attack.

Be it a 9/11 or a Charlie Hebdo, irrespective of the group that orchestrated it the pertinent factor to be noted is the school of thought behind the logic for such attacks.

Each one of these attackers subscribe to the Wahabi school of thought which promotes nothing but fanaticism and intolerance.

The funding:

While India has received an approximate of 10 billion dollars to promote Wahabism over the past couple of years, the amount pumped in worldwide is expected to be 100 billion US dollars in the past decade.

This goes on to show the aggression with which the concept is being pushed and the sole aim is to make radicals and intolerant human beings. Several moderate Muslims in India do not subscribe to this school of thought and say that it is misguided.

In India the Wahabi school of thought it distributed in pockets and a largest sect is found in the states of Maharashtra, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh.

Taking over of Mosques:

In the recent years we have seen in India the attempts that have been made to take over Mosques by the Wahabis. In Maharashtra two such incidents were witnessed in which the administration of a Mosque was taken over by a set of Wahabis.

What the Wahabis do is pump in the money from Saudi Arabia and try to rope in some of the persons part of the Mosque's administration. For the lure of money there have been some who have crumbled and ensured that the Mosque has been taken over by the Wahabi sect.

US acknowledges it, but does nothing:

It is a well known fact that every Wahabi sect in the world is funded by the fanatic class in Saudi Arabia. There have been debates over this issue, but very little action taken.

A Wikileaks cable clears quotes Hillary Clinton saying that Saudi Arabia is the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorists world wide.

She also goes on to state that more needs to be done since Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support to the terrorist groups.

While America acknowledges the problem, there is very little that has been done about it. There is a strange delay in declassifying the 28 pages of the Congressional Commission of 9/11.

It is said that these 28 pages deal with Saudi funding for the 9/11 attack.

What is India doing?

India does acknowledge the problem. There is an intelligence report specifically on the issue of Wahabism and reading into it in details suggests that Wahabi scholars did have a free run in coming into India.

The statistics are glaring and alarming and suggest that scores of Wahabi scholars from both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan came to India between 2010 and 2013 and with them they brought in the funds as well.

India today is more watchful about the visits by these persons. There is a tighter mechanism in place to ensure that the scholars do not come. We are taking more of a preventive action and have realized that their entry into India is causing an immense problem.

With groups such as the ISIS and the Al-Qaeda in the sub-continent trying to make a foot hold, it would add to the problem if the Wahabis continued to come in and issue sermons.

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