Viral video on social media: Woman slaps a flash mob member over performance in Kerala

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Kannur, March 28: In Kerala, a woman on Sunday, March 27, slapped a girl who was performing with a flash mob in a busy street of Kannur. The flash mob was inspired from stage shows. The group members of that flash mob also perform in theaters, on crowded streets and shopping malls.

According to media reports, the group of students were performing their dance form on a busy street of the city bus stand. Everything was going well as they were finishing their first dance number. But, there are times, when these kind of events prove to be hindrance for the general public.


Just after finishing one dance performance, the mob started dancing on an another song, that allegedly angered a woman for causing inconvienience to public. She suddenly came in front of the flash mob group and slapped one of the girl, who was performing.

Shockingly, the woman who slapped that girl was found to be her mother! She was waiting for the mob to finish their dance performance, so that the stalled traffic starts moving on. But since the performance was too long, she lost her cool and went and slapped her daughter, while scolding the whole group for stalling traffic.

The video has now gone viral on social media and is being widely shared by the people. After this incident, the young generation will think twice before planning another flash mob.

Here's the whole video:

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