VIP culture? Karnataka CM's convoy holds up three ambulances

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Bengaluru, Aug 15: An incident in which three ambulances carrying patients were made to wait to let the Karnataka Chief Minister's convoy pass at Bengaluru has been reported. The incident occurred when the CM's convoy was coming out of Gayatri Vihar near Mekhri circle, Bengaluru.

The CM was coming out of the Gayatri Vihar after attending a wedding when three ambulances were stopped to let the convoy pass. The incident took place on August 9th.

VIP culture

Sharp reactions:

According to Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) M A Saleem, there is a provision to let ambulances pass even when a VIP's convoy is entering. There has been non-application of mind, he also pointed out.

Complaints were made to the officials stating that despite the sirens blazing, no attempt was made to let the ambulances pass. Those in the ambulance even tried to reason with the traffic police, but they did not appear to care, it has been alleged.

Furthermore, it is alleged that several attempts were made to coax the traffic police and they were even told that it would take not more than two minutes for the ambulance to pass.

Held up for 15 minutes:

Due to the passing of the convoy, the ambulances were held up for 15 minutes. Fortunately, nothing untoward happened to the patients. It has been alleged that there were repeated requests not only made by the people in the ambulance, but even several motorists on the road.

The police have claimed that it is difficult to take on the spot decisions. However, M A Saleem says that there is a provision to let ambulances pass first overriding the VIP convoy.

The CM's office has however stated that the ambulance was held up only for five minutes. We in fact parked the vehicles part of the convoy to the side to let the ambulance pass, a member of the CM's security also informed.

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