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Vibez Estates bags Times Business Award 2020 For Its Sirivana Project at North Bangalore!

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Sirivana project by Vibez Estates is a teak farm project mainly aimed at providing plots of land solely meant for Tissue Culture Teak plantation and nurtures these trees right from their sapling stage. The project has been started in Chikkaballapur, North Bangalore, Karnataka. The business offers its customers various options including buy back and construction of a farm house on the plot. The team comprises expert personnel and experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge in plantation and related fields. Their aim is to encourage investors to purchase more plots for teak plantation.

Vibez Estates bags Times Business Award 2020 For Its Sirivana Project at North Bangalore!

Sirivana has arranged for their customers to own a farmhouse among the teak plantations. They also offer to maintain the farmhouse as well as the plantation on behalf of the customers resulting in higher revenues. Approximately 80% of the proceeds from the plantation will go to the customer, while the remaining will be utilized by Vibez Estates for their professional requirements. The farmhouse will be built inclusive of all the modern amenities and comes with a private garden. Members from the team will further fence the plot and then plant the teak saplings.

Sirivana utilizes the drip irrigation method to nurture the teak plantations in Bangalore. This is a modern technique of ensuring the development of these saplings. The farm plots are sold for two acres, and in the multiples of two. One acre of land is estimated to contain more than 400 teak wood trees. According to the statistics, after a decade, the market value of one acre of the said plot is estimated to increase up to Rupees 1 crore, hence making it a fruitful long term investment in Bangalore.

Vibez Estates bags Times Business Award 2020

The farmhouse and the teak plantation in Bangalore will be registered in the name of the customer. The Sirivana team will enter into a maintenance agreement with the customer and agree to undertake the responsibility of nursing the farm house and the plantation. Their pricing is starting from Rs. 39.5 lakhs for 1 acre. Loan facilities are not provided for by the organization, neither do they tolerate any negotiation with respect to the prices

Apart from value appreciation, the scheme simultaneously provides for a regular income from the teak plantation. In most cases, the farmhouse will not be occupied by the customer on a regular basis. Therefore, the customer has the discretion to hand over the management of the farmhouse to the team upon a rental agreement. The members of Sirivana will promote the place as a resort and direct a good portion of the revenue sought to the customer. They are the recipient of the Times Business Award 2020 for this teak Project.

Customers find the plot to be convenient since it is a prime location. There are several tourist attractions nearby, including Nandhi Hills, Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Channapura Falls, Skandagiri Hills and many more. The nearest airport is the Bangalore International Airport, which is situated around 35 km away. Chikkaballapur Railway Station is the nearest station from the plot. The completed projects of Sirivana include Vibez Belagodu, Vibez Vriddhi, Vibez Anantara and Vibez Ila. These projects have proved to be a huge success among the customers and have attracted various awards from different prestigious organizations.

Vibez Estates bags Times Business Award 2020 For Its Sirivana Project at North Bangalore!

Vibez Estates has brought home various awards in the last few years since its inception. They bagged the Indira Priyadarshini Award in 2013 for their brilliance in promoting rural entrepreneurship. It was presented to the team by the Pondicherry Governor Virendra Kataria along with a few esteemed guests. Vibez Estates also won the on 2015 from SME for customer satisfaction in the farming and agricultural equipment sector. In 2018, Vibez Estates received the Best Eco Home Project of the Year Award, particularly for their Vibez Anantara. The award was given for providing eco-friendly homes where all the residents and their families thrive and flourish. In the same year, it was listed in the International Brand Equity's Best Real Estate Brands List of India for being one of the most successful real estate brands. They have also bagged the Times Business Award 2020 for their outstanding Sirivana Project at North Bangalore.

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