Minors write to PM Modi, ask for financial help to treat ill father

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New Delhi, Mar 3: This is poignant tale of two brothers who are facing severe financial hardships. Forced by their father's illness and facing acute financial crisis, two Kanpur brothers have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

According to media reports, 13-year-old Sushant Mishra and his 8 year-old brother Tanmay wrote to Modi, requesting him to support them financially so that they could arrange for the treatment of their father. Latest report says that PMO has assured them of financial help.

Minors write to PM Modi

Their father Saroj Mishra (50) is an asthma patient. Since last two years he has been suffering with the disease and because of the same he is not in position to continue his private job of tailoring.

Not only that, children have also stopped going to school as they don't have money to pay their fee. Since last six months, rent of the house has also not been paid.

Narrating the hardships, Mishra was quoted as saying, "After my condition deteriorated six months ago, I stopped going for work. The money we had was spent on my treatment. Initially, our relatives and neighbours helped but for last five months they too have not been in a position to help us. We borrowed money from a money lender for my treatment".

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