Is Times Now insisting on protecting a particular family, asks Modi

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Bangalore, May 8: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi spoke to Times Now Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami in Frankly Speaking on Thursday night. Modi has been speaking to various channels of late and expressing his views on important issues.

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10.23 pm: US snooping on Indian embassies

Modi:  I have no information on this and will analyse it later.

10.20 pm: Controversy on remark on Dawood Ibrahim and Pak minister's retaliation

Modi: It is a non-issue at this stage. I spoke on Union home minister Shinde's stand. I said these talks shouldn't be made in a press conference. The issue was not about how the media is projecting it.

10.18 pm: Relation with Pakistan. The country hasn't progressed an inch on 26/11 trial.

Modi: Conflicts must stop for talks to continue. We are hopeful that our neighbour will respond positively on various issues.

10.15 pm: About FDI in retail. Do you agree to RSS's economic views?

Modi: Governance is a continuous process. The next govt shouldn't negate what the previous regime had done. RSS thinks for the betterment of the nation and there is no conflict.

10.03 pm: On deals with Adanis?

Modi: Is the rate of land in Ahmedabad and the desert the same? Will you show the actual statistics of the Gujarat government on this? Govt of India's own records have certified Gujarat's land policy. Shouldn't we know from whom the Adanis have taken land across the country?

10.00 pm: On Robert Vadra case

Modi: See my track record over 14 years, I have never been accused of vendetta. If the reality is projected, it is being called as a vendetta. Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje Scindia could have taken steps soon after coming to power in December. Then you would have called it vendetta.

9.58 pm: Why so much animosity between you and Gandhis? Why do you call the govt a "Ma-Beta" govt?

Modi: Is there any scope of discussion after Sanjay Baru's book was released.

9.54 pm: On DD interview

Modi: I wasn't aware about this. It was only after the 'daughter' remark controversy that I was alerted. It was not just censorship but a conspiracy. My party decided to release the full interview on Youtube.

9.50 pm: On Snoopgate

Modi: Supreme Court is monitoring the issue and I have full faith on the apex court.

9.37 pm: Why did you antagonise other party leaders like Mamata Banerjee?

Modi: Left has destroyed Bengal in 35 years. Had Kolkata been economically vibrant, then the entire eastern India could have been better. When Mamata came to power, we hoped she would do something.

You are asking the same question again and again. I have no personal gains to make through alliances or no alliances. This is all about responsibility.

9.36 pm: Will you reach out to leaders like Mayawati and Mamata after the polls?

Modi: If people elect the BJP, they will give it the responsibility and not the license to become arrogant. We have to work with each representative of other parties as well.

9.35 pm: Will you get enough co-operation after the polls?

Modi: Elections and politics are two different things, don't confuse the two.

9.30 pm: Will you get 272 seats yourself?

Modi: The country is not run with the help of arithmetic. Even if we get 350 seats, we need co-operation of all parties and the opposition.

9.27 pm: Charges that Maya Kodnani was close to Keshubhai Patel

Modi: There were no charges against her when I made her the minister. It was only established after the SIT was formed.

It will take another 25 years for people like you to know the truth.

9.25 pm: Is any member of the Sangh Parivar involved in the 2002 riots?

Modi: The focus on the 2002 riots has been extensive from various quarters. Legal procedures have been carried out. There is no need to get a certificate from Modi.

9.24 pm: BJP as a right-wing party based on religion

Modi: We have spoken on diverse issues and our approach towards the election is issue-based.

9.20 pm: On diverse religions and lack of mention of those persecuted in other religions besides Hinduism in BJP's manifesto

Hinduism is not a religion. It's a way of life and we go by this line of thinking, which has also been stressed by the Supreme Court of India. We do not go by religions.

9.16 pm: On his stand on Bangladeshi infiltrators

Modi: The minorities who are being driven out of Bangladesh, shouldn't we stand by them? The infiltrators come with a political purpose. They are being invited. Why there is a different yardstick on Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen?

9.12 pm: About Amit Shah and Giriraj Singh talking on religious lines

Modi: Have any more words come out? That means I have acted tough. Isn't it?

But I don't think they did it purposefully.

9.10 pm: Does caste fit into your 'One India, Ideal India' mantra?

Modi: I did not say anything on caste. Yes, the usage of the words was not apt but did they use proper words either?

9.06 pm: Comments on caste and confrontation with Priyanka Gandhi

Modi: I am disappointed to see Times Now insisting to protect a particular family. What I said about Rajiv Gandhi is factually correct. Is that humiliating somebody? Yes, as a daughter, one has every right to feel angry if something is said about her father.

9.05 pm: Why are you angry with the Election Commission?

Modi: Did I say anything against the EC now? The EC must be respected but it should also look into the matter why we are troubled.

9.00 pm: Is the campaigning for the Lok Sabha election 2014 a bitter one?

Modi: I have mostly spoken on issues like price rise, unemployment and security of women. Has any person from the ruling party spoken on that? Has the media focused on issues? It is only targetting Modi. Even the so-called neutral people have not judged things neutrally.

I was disappointed with what happened in Varanasi. Senior Congress leaders said there is no problem with Modi's security, yet it happened.

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