Union Budget 2015: Talking Points and Info-graphics

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Upbeat mood in the Indian Economy

India is at a higher growth trajectory with expected GDP growth at 8% upwards for 2015-16. Inflation is under control, foreign exchange reserves are at record high and Rupee has stabilized against a basket of currencies world wide.


Cooperative Federalism

  • The architecture of Centre-State relations has been re-written by NDA Government. States have been made co-partners in the task of national development
  • The devolution of the states is at 42% of the divisible pool & central revenues will be shared to the extent of 47%
  • A share of 62% of total tax revenues of the country is shared by the states while centre has the remaining 38%


  • Despite inadequate fiscal space available due to slowing down of private investment, the public investment in infrastructure has been increased to Rs 70000 Crores
  • The spending model will include gross budgetary support, National infrastructure Investment Trust mobilized through private & international funding & tax free bonds
  • Expenditure on Railways, highways, power sector, ports & irrigation has been substantially increased

Social Security

  • Most Poverty alleviation schemes are funded by the Centre and investment in all social sectors has been maintained or increased
  • A comprehensive Social Security scheme for the under-privileged will be initiated as an extension of Jan Dhan Yojna
  • Launch of PM Suraksha Bima Yojna offering coverage of Rs 2 Lakh for a premium of just Rs 12
  • A natural death insurance will be available to all at for a sum of Rs 2 Lakh on a nominal payment of Rs 330/Year
  • Atal Pension plan will be launched; aimed at Indians above 60 years to provide defined pension according to contribution, 50% contribution to be from the Govt

Legal Changes to enhance ‘Ease of Doing Business'

  • Important policy changes to be brought in bankruptcy law
  • Transparent public procurement guided by non-discretionary public procurement legislation
  • A special legislation to replace delays in projects due to multiple prior permissions by a regulatory mechanism
  • Expeditious settlement of commercial/contractual disputes in project through a dispute resolution law by removing legal delays

Fund the Unfunded

  • Special funds created to fund the unfunded i.e. the average 5 crore of self employed mini & small labour, traders, retailers etc
  • MNREGA : Additional allocation of Rs 5000 crore if revenue resouces materialize, making it the highest ever allocation
  • National institutions allocated to large number of states & educational loans to the students
  • Expenditure target for farm credit increased to Rs 8.5 Lakh Crore

Taxation Proposals

  • GST Act will be implemented w.e.f April 1, 2016 once passed by parliament
  • Duties have been reduced on various items & inverted duty structures corrected to boost manufacturing sector
  • The corporate tax rates would be made competitive to Asian economies & many exemptions would be slowly phased out (Corporate tax will be brought down to 25% from 30% in the next four years)
  • Further simplification of taxation regime by abolishing Wealth tax & instead levying 2% surcharge on the super rich with above 1 crore Rs annual income. With no extra cost, it would earn Rs 9000 Crores against a sacrifice of Rs 1008 Crores (that Wealth taxes would have entailed)
  • More exemptions to middle & small tax payers by giving tax incentive upto Rs 50000/year for investments in NPS (National Pension Scheme), deduction with regard to health insurance increased to Rs 25000 to normal & Rs 30000 to senior citizens, deduction allowed on transport exemption to Rs 1600 from Rs 800 per month
  • The net effect: Individual tax payers to get exemptions up to Rs 4,45,000

Tackling Black Money

  • To enact a comprehensive law on black money stashed abroad with a punishment upto 10 years of rigorous imprisonment in current session of Parliament
  • New structure including efiling, tracking down, Benami property transaction bill to tackle black money in real estate sector soon
  • The Budget overall lays emphasis on infrastructure, incentivizes investment, puts more money in the pocket of salaries class, checks inflation & provides social security to the less-privileged

Some Quotable Quotes from the Speech

  • "कुछ तो फूल खिलाए हमने और कुछ खिलाने हैं, मुश्किल ये है बाग में अब तक कांटे कई पुराने हैं"
  • We inherited a sentiment of Doom and gloom and have come a long way by our actions
  • "Just as we are banking the ‘unbanked', we are also funding the ‘unfunded'". Focus is firmly on the social sector too! 
  • Subsidy is required for the poor and less well-off. We are committed to the process of rationalizing subsidies by cutting down the leakage & not subsidy itself
  • Our commitment is to well being of all "Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramayah"
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