Uber taxi drivers, you have a lesson to learn from this video

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New Delhi, June 8: The camera zooms in to a game of Ludo and two taxi drivers. Engrossed in the game, one of them noticed that the other driver had scratch marks on his wrist. Excited, the driver asked,"Raat bahut romanchak rahi?".

Taken by surprise, the other one took a few minutes to guess what he was asking and answered,"arrey kuch nahi...yeh to aise hi."


Uninterested in dragging the topic, which he had guessed was not going by his taste, he tried ignoring the lewd sexually explicit remarks passed on by his colleague.

But when unconvincing, he starts a narrative that will take the listener by surprise. The way he describes the ride, the lonely footpaths and the roads from Mayur Vihar to Akshardham to a lonely deserted Delhi road in Kamala Nagar, triggers a sense of suspense, an apprehension of what awaits in the reader.

But the climax of the story takes everyone by surprise. Indeed, the Youtube description of the short film holds a lot of meaning. It says,"Much like the board game, the film LUDO draws its parallel from the crux of the game itself. The dice is rolled and a choice appears - which token will you move to be in a safer haven?"

Only, if everyone understood.

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