Train ticket not confirmed, don't worry! IRCTC will provide you discounted flight ticket

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New Delhi, May 14: Your train tickets are yet not confirmed, don't worry as Indian Railways has an alternative plan to make your ride comfortable.

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It will provide you discounted air tickets if you are in the list of waiting passengers. Reportedly, railway has done a deal with two airline companies for the same. The airline companies are Goair and Spicejet.

Air tickets for waiting list passengers!

But there are certain conditions to avail this facility of the Indian Railways.

Conditions are

  • You should have waiting train ticket
  • The ticket must not be taken within the same day of the journey.
  • It should be booked at least three days before
  • One can only avail the facility if the tickets have been booked through IRCTC website(e-ticket)

What is the whole procedure

  • Once the railway chart will be ready with authorities, they will have a list of the passengers who are in waiting list.
  • The IRCTC will then send a mail to these passengers saying that they can book a flight now.
  • What will be the discount
  • Reportedly, around 30 to 40 per cent discount will be given. For example, a flight where one had to pay Rs 5,000-6,000 will cost around 3,000.

Precautionary measure

  • Initially, you will have to bear discounted plane fare. It means IRCTC will not refund your railway fare at the same moment when you will book the plane. Fare will be refunded in your bank account later on.
  • You can't cancel plane ticket at the last moment as you will be overcharged for the same.
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