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The need for sex education in Indian schools

By Nikita Nayar

In a country where the number of rape crimes are consistently high, the need for sex education should not even be questioned. Even though we see a rise in the number of teen pregnancies and abuse, there has been a lot of debate regarding the fact whether students must be exposed to sex education or not. Whether or not it should be added to their curriculum has always been a matter of concern as some people believe that it is against the values and customs of the Indian tradition. Meanwhile another section of people suggest that sex education must be made compulsory to curb the menace of sexual abuse amongst teenagers.

The need for sex education in indian schools

At the age of development, students must be exposed to such matters for their personal safety. It inculcates the feeling of respect and understanding for the opposite gender. It should not be considered as a way in which students only satisfy their curiosity, but also so they learn to know and be sensitive towards others. Especially at the age of puberty, it is important that kids understand gender differences and learn to appreciate the changes happening within themselves too. It is also necessary that these differences are explained to them early in life so they can build their respect for the opposite gender over the years.

Teachers must be request to bring up the topic amongst students and encourage them to ask questions without being ashamed of it. The topic of sex is regarded to be a taboo and is apparently against the morals of the culture. But what we don't notice is the need for educating students early enough so that they don't shy away from asking questions and talking about it. The subject must be dealt with very delicately and hence sufficient training must be given to teachers on how they should bring it up.

"Children begin to use their own means to know more which is not always right. Students need to be educated and it should be made compulsory in the curriculum.", said Ameerah Sameer, a second year college student when asked about her views on why sex education should be made compulsory. "But again it comes back to the mindset of people. No matter what, people remain conscious about speaking up about topics like menstruation."

When violence and abuse against women are at a high, we must realize the importance of reaching out to children on consent and equality. If not, gender superiority strikes in which leads to discrimination towards the opposite sex. If the subject could be introduced then the students are encouraged to be sensitive and understanding with women which could also result in the reduction in the number of rapes in the country.

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