The last few moments of the Air India technician who got sucked in the engine

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Mumbai, Dec 18: 57-year old Ravi Subramanian was not aware of his fate when he walked out of home for work. It was a regular day until life took a quick, horrifying turn for him in a fraction of a second.

He got sucked into the engine of Air India flight 619 in the bay of T2 Terminal at the Mumbai airport.

Ravi Subramanian

Here are the details of the aviation protocols while flying a plane and what were the deviations in this case.

  • A towbar is used to push back the aircraft. Following this, a technician has to remove a pin attached to the nose landing gear, once the plane reaches the taxi way.
  • The absence of the pin allows the nose landing gear to retract after take off. When the pin is removed, the pilot is signalled for taxiing.
  • The parking brake holds the plane back. However, in this case, the parking brake was not deployed, which jerked the plane forward and the technician got sucked in. As a result of this, the tow bar was damaged as well.
  • In the process of taxiing, the auxiliary power unit is used to run the AC and lights inside the aircraft. The APU may have been malfunctioning, which led to the switching on of the engine.
  • The power of an engine is such that it can vaccum out a 4-bedroom flat in half a second. While the thrust is created by the accelaration of the air, which helps in propelling the engine. The 9-foot diameter fan in the engine rotates 2,800 times a minute to take off.
Ravi 2

Now, one can imagine what would have been the last few minutes of the technician like.

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