TN political crisis (LIVE): Dharma will win says O Panneerselvam

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Chennai, Feb 9: As Tamil Nadu Governor will meet AIADMK interim general secretary Sasikala Natarajan with her MLAs at 5 pm, Chief Minister O Panneerselvam has already met the chief secretary and the state DGP. The day ahead promises to be interesting with a series of meetings scheduled. Follow all the live updates here:

Sasikala expresses confidence of becoming CM

OPS in cahoots with DMK, alleges Sasikala, sacks him from party post

6:50 pm: Sasikala reaches Jayalalithaa's memorial at Marina Beach

6:07 pm: NGO files land grabbing complaint against AIADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala.

5:43 pm: Sasikala is expected to leave Poes Garden at 6 pm. She will pay her homage at Jaya's memorial and then proceed to meet the Governor.

5:39 pm: Pannerselvam thanks all the AIADMK leaders and youngsters for extending support.

5:33 pm: Dharma will win says OPS

5:32pm: O Pannerselvam told the governor that he was forced to resign and he wishes to withdraw his resignation.

5:31 pm: O Panneerselvam briefs media after meeting Governor C Vidyasagar Rao

05:20 pm: O Panneerselvam leaves Raj Bhavan after meeting Governor

5:17 pm: O PanneerSelvam meeting with the Governor gets over.

LIVE: It is Panneerselvam vs Sasikala

5:00 pm: O Panneerselvam meets Governor Vidyasagar Rao

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4:47pm: E Madhusudanan, PH Pandian, KP Munusamy and Natham Viswanathan accompanied OPS to Raj Bhavan.

4:44 pm: O Panneerselvam reaches Raj Bhavan to meet Governor

4:36 pm: O Pannerselvam leaves his residence for Raj Bhavan to meet Governor Vidyasagar Rao

3.55 pm: TN governor Vidyasagar Rao reaches Raj Bhavan.

3.50 pm: Governor Vidyasagar Rao refuses to comment on ongoing political turmoil in Tamil Nadu.

3.40 pm: TN Governor Vidyasagar Rao has reached Chennai.

3.25 pm: We have letter of support for VK Sasikala from 135 MLAs including Paneerselvam, we still have that letter. MLAs have been staying at their convenience at hotels etc, they have not been forced or compelled to do anything: TN Education Minister.

3.20 pm: All AIADMK MLAs prepared to meet Governor, if required: K Pandiarajan.

3.10 pm: Current political scenario in Tamil Nadu is AIADMK's internal matter, Govt has nothing to do with it: Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

2.57 pm: Both Panneerselvam and Sasikala to receive Governor in charge Vidyasagar Rao at the airport.

2.53 pm: Meeting between Sasikala Natarajan and senior AIADMK leaders underway at Poes Garden to decide next course of action.

2.43 pm: Outside visuals of the resort in Kalpakkam, where AIADMK's MLAs (VK Sasikala supporters) lodged.

2.33 pm: Sasikala to meet Governor at 7.30 pm,Panneerselvam to meet Guv at 5pm.

2.30 pm: Panneerselvam leaves for the airport to recieve Tamil Nadu Governor C Vidyasagar Rao.

2.12 pm: Tamil Nadu Governor C Vidyasagar Rao on board his flight to Chennai

2.11 pm: Jayalalithaa's residence at Poes Garden will be converted into a memorial, announces Panneerselvam.

2.08 pm: When Amma was in hospital, after 24 days Sasikala told me she is fine. That was the first time she (Sasikala) spoke to me. Why does Sasikala want to take control of the party when she had promised Jaya that she has no political aspirations: Panneerselvam.

1.53 pm: Our senior leader Madhusudan was threatened and pressurised, even after that he stood alone to safeguard party. We welcome him. It is Sasikala who is doing dirty tricks to acquire the chair of CM : Sasikala

1.47 pm: Panneerselvam is the real heir of Amma (Jayalalithaa). OPS has broken his silence after so many days: V. Maitreyan, AIADMK Rajya Sabha MP.

1.38 pm: I have come to offer my support to Pannerselvam : Senior AIADMK leader Madhusudan.

1.37 pm: AIADMK MP PH Pandian and former AIADMK Munnusamy also reach O Paneerselvam's residence.

1.32 pm: DMK is behind Panneerselvam: B Valarmathi, AIADMK leader.

1.26 pm: O. Panneerselvam to go to Chennai airport to receive Governor.

1.25 pm: Top AIADMK aide joins O Panneerselvam.

12.30 pm: VK Sasikala's supporters raise slogans in her support outside her Poes Garden residence.

12.25 pm: Tamil Nadu Governor Vidyasagar Rao leaves for Chennai from Mumbai.

12.12 pm: Sasikala supporters lodged in a resort in Kalpakkam.

12.10 pm: Supreme Court decides to to hear plea filed by Satta Panchayat Iyakkam against appointment of VK Sasikala as Tamil Nadu CM tomorrow.

11.55 am: Sasikala along with the AIADMK MLAs to meet the Governor Vidyasagar Rao at 5 pm in Chennai.

11.45 am: TN Governor Vidyasagar Rao likely to arrive in Chennai at 3 pm.

11.40 am: Sasikala Natarajan sacks Puducherry Former MLA Om Sakthi Sekar from AIADMK.

OPS vs Sasikala: Here are the options before the Governor

[End of Day 1 updates]

05:20 pm: Sasikala is also flying in with all MLAs later tonight to Delhi to parade her MLAs before the President

04:55 pm: Nobody knows where the governor is, what MLAs can do, they have to come and meet President: Subramanian Swamy on TN political crisis

04:40 pm: AIADMK general secretary VK Sasikala sacks IT wing secretary G Ramachandran for anti-party activities and appoints VVR Raj Sathyan in his place.

04:35 pm: Senior AIADMK Leader Thambidurai has sought an appointment with the President. The President has not given him any appointment as yet.

04:13 pm: 130 AIADMK MLAs(Sasikala supporters) being taken in a bus to a Hotel

04:11 pm: OPannerselvam surrounded with supporters outside his residence in Chennai

3.20 pm: AIADMK MLAs taken away in a bus to an undisclosed location.

3.05 pm: AIADMK general secretary VK Sasikala sacks IT wing secretary G Ramachandran for anti-party activities and appoints VVR Raj Sathyan in his place.

2.54 pm: Don't break Tamil Nadu into a country, tweets Kamal Haasan

2.05 pm: Sasikala supporters outside Poes Garden in Chennai.

1.35 pm: I was too naive to understand the intentions of OPS and DMK when they spoke in Parliament. All these days I lived for Amma, now I will live for her dreams: Sasikala.

1.30 pm: Panneerselvam colluded with the party which Amma fought against. He says we forced him to resign but he was by my side all the time. He has changed in 48 hours: Sasikala.

1.27 pm: Our opponents are after us and spearheading whatever is happening today,but nothing can stop us from following Amma's path. I took the decision that Panneerselvam should be chief minister when Amma died. If anyone crosses the line or pretends to suppress us, it will not be tolerated: Sasikala.

1.24 pm: O Panneerselvam conspiring against party; he is doing theatrics. Wrongdoings which Panneerselvam had done, as General secy it became my responsibility to put an end to it: Sasikala.

1.23 pm: We will work in the path shown by Amma. After Jayalalithaa's demise, supporters asked me to take responsibility; I couldn't as I was very sad. Amma had given OPS a chance after forgiving him for his errors; I did the same but he betrayed us. Betrayal will not be tolerated. I could sense the acts of CM who completely connived with the opposition. A true AIADMK worker will not go against the welfare of the party, nobody can divide us: Sasikala.

1.20 pm: MLA meeting did not happen in secret, it was an open matter: Sasikala.

1.18 pm: Sasikala replies to Paneerselvam's charges, says, "For 33 years I have been by Jayalalithaa's side. When she died I was in no state to take reins."

1.17 pm: AIADMK MPs to meet President of India over Tamil Nadu political crisis. MPs to urge President to direct Governor Vidhyasagar to visit Chennai soon to take stock of th situation.

130 AIADMK MLAs took part in meeting: Organising secretary K A Sengottaiyan

12.58 pm: Sasikala leaves AIADMK headquarters.

12.55 pm:

12.51 pm: I'll continue to discharge my duties in accordance with the wishes of people of Tamil Nadu. I've full majority in the State Assembly, all AIADMK MLAs stand with me:Panneerselvam.

12.50 pm: I continued with my post only after union govt asked me to do so after resignation. After assuming CM position, experiences which I had gone through had pained me a lot; being a CM I was targeted and humiliated: Panneerselvam.

12.44 pm: I will meet O Panneerselvam and will certainly try to meet the governor as well: AIADMK rebel MP Sasikala Pushpa.

12.30 pm: Jayalalithaa's niece Deepa Jayakumar likely to meet Panneerselvam.

12.29 pm: Sasikala to respond to Panneerselvam's charges.

12.25 pm: AIADMK MLAs meet at party headquarters concludes.

12.23 pm: No force can break the AIADMK's unity: Sasikala at AIADMK meet.

12.12 pm: No rules followed in selection of AIADMK General Secretary: Election Commission.

12.10 pm: TN Guv monitoring situation, to take a decision on Wednesday evening.

11.58 am: Tamil Nadu administration has collapsed in last 8 months, governor must immediately come to Chennai: MK Stalin.

11.52 am: There have been times when Jayalalithaa inside assembly greeted me, smiled. Can Sasikala question this act of Jayalalithaa?: MK Stalin, DMK.

11.45 am:

11.39 am: Panneerselvam likely to withdraw resignation. Legal eagles say this is not possible.

11.34 am: VK Sasikala reaches AIADMK headquarters.

11.30 am: Sasikala leaves for AIADMK headquarters.

11.09 am: PH Pandian says Sasikala is concerned only about wealth.

11.08 am: Sasikala Natarajan to remain the interim General secretary of AIADMK: Panneerselvam.

11.05 am: You must ask Sasikala why she's in a rush to be CM, not me. My appeal to MLAs is that they should take decision taking into account people's feelings: Panneerselvam.

11.03 am: If Deepa comes, I will give her the respect and support that Amma's niece deserves. Amma is responsible for me reaching this position, her spirit will guide me. Union Govt is supporting Tamil people. Whoever extends support to Tamil people, we will accept it: Panneerselvam.

10.57 am: I will prove majority in the assembly. Will meet Tamil Nadu people, in each and every city to make my point. I never betrayed party even for a day: Panneerselvam.

10.55 am:

10.53 am: Amma remained CM for nearly 16 years, I happened to become CM twice, all this was the wish of Amma. I always followed Amma's path. Health queries regarding Amma raised in recent past, it is the duty of state Government to enquire. Recommended an enquiry commission:  Panneerselvam

10.50 am: There has been no instance where Panneerselvam has betrayed the party, while remaining in power or opposition. If party cadres ask me to withdraw my resignation, I will do that: Panneerselvam.

10.46 am: Panneerselvam at his residence in Chennai, to address media shortly.

10.45 am: Navaneetha Krishnan, TN minister says Sasikala will be the next Chief Minister.

10.40 am: My conscience as an Amma loyalist made me join Panneerselvam, says RS MP Maitreyan.

10.37 am: Rajya Sabha MP Maitreyan arrives at Panneerselvam's residence. He had visited last night as well.

10.33 am: Three MLAs at Panneerselvam's residence, 130 at party headquarters for meet.

10.22 am: More police force deployment at Jayalalithaa's memorial at Chennai's Marina Beach.

10.12 am: TN Guv studying the situation Constitutionally, Centre has no role to play in this: Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu.

10.06 am: Sasikala should be sworn-in as CM. If delayed it'll be violence against Constitution: Subramanian Swamy.

10.03 am: Panneerselvam is best suited to become Chief Minister: Rajya Sabha MP Maitreyan.

9.53 am: Sasikala meets AIADMK leaders at Poes Garden ahead of legislators' meet.

9.32 am: Two AIADMK MLAs pledge support to Panneerselvam. Head to chief minister's residence.

9.22 am: AIADMK MLA from Thirumangalam reaches Panneerselvam's residence.

9.20 am:

9.18 am: How can we support Panneerselvam when he's in Opposition. How can the DMK be behind it? How can they blame us for their in-fight. Nothing new in AIADMK: TKS Elangovan, DMK

9.00 am: There is a force behind everything that is happening, says Panneerselvam.

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8.50 am: Had visited hospital daily to enquire about Jayalalithaa's health condition, but couldn't meet her even once. Sasikala's rush to become Chief Minister is strange. Party members are being forced to support Sasikala: O Panneerselvam in phone interview to a channel.

8.45 am: Tamil Nadu In charge governor Vidhyasagar Rao unlikely to visit Chennai today.

8.37 am: Posters of Sasikala seen at AIADMK headquarters.

8.20 am:

8.05 am: Sasikala Natarajan heads to Jayalalithaa memorial.

8.00 am: Security has been stepped up outside Poes Garden.

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