Swiss accounts: The 5 Indians who have been named

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New Delhi, May 26: The names of Gurjit Singh Kochar, Syed Mohamed Masood, Sneh Lata Sawhney, Chaud Kauser Mohamed Masood and Sangita Sawhney were made public by Switzerland after it was found that they were alleged to be holding illegal accounts in the Swiss banks.

The persons whose names have been put are Gurjit Singh Kochar, Syed Mohamed Masood, Sneh Lata Sawhney, Chaud Kauser Mohamed Masood and Sangita Sawhney. [Swiss bank account: The 2 ladies named by Switzerland]


Let us take a look at who these five persons are:

Gurjit Kochar:

According to few details that are emerging Gurjit Singh Kochar is a director with companies of the Wave Group. The wave group of companies belongs to Ponty Chadha a liquor baron who was recently killed.

Kochar's name had come up in the year 2012 when there was an IT department raid in the premises of the Wave Group amounting to Rs 200 crore. A seizure of Rs 38 crore was made from the residence of Kochar at that time.

Syed Mohammad Masood and Chand Masood:

He is the chairman of the City Limousine, a Mumbai based company. The company is under the radar of the Enforcement Directorate in connection with an alleged ponzi scheme amounting to Rs 500 crore. The ED during this probe had got a link to an account in the Swiss bank. The ED had also found that there was around 1.25 million dollars stashed away in two accounts in Swiss Banks.

The ED had also attached properties worth Rs 130 crore which were in the name of the City Group and also Masood's wife Chand Masood.

Who is Sneh Lata Sawhney?

The details regarding Sneh Lata Sawhney remain sketchy at the moment. She is the joint account holder with her husband Bhushan Lal Sawhney who is the managing director of Sawhney Tyres.

Details that have emerged have shown that she is a joint account holder with her husband. The account in question is said to have been opened in the year 1970. It is also said that in the year 2006 the account in question had a balance of Rs 12.64 crore.

Who is Sangita Sawhney?

In a list made public by Arvind Kejriwal in the year 2012, the name of one Praveen Sawhney was mentioned. Sangita Sawhney is the wife of Praveen.

Details that emerged found that Praveen along with his father Bhushan and mother Sneh Lata had a joint account in which the amount was around Rs 16.7 crore until the year 2006-07.

When the list was made public by Kejriwal, it was found that Praveen Sawhney lived in Jungapura Extension, New Delhi along with his family.

It was also found that Praveen's declaration before the Income Tax department showed Sawhney Tyres Pvt Ltd as a non-functional concern.

However, this was debated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs which claimed that the company was active and had made a net profit of Rs 6,456 in the year 2011 and had assets worth Rs 5.67 lakh.

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