Surprised! This BJP candidate has cavalry of 4,000 'daughters and sons-in-laws'

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BJP candidate Subhash deshmukh
Mumbai, Oct 9: As this is the election season, candidates are leaving no stone unturned to secure their victory. Candidates are embracing every possible way to woo voters. And latest one is most surprising. For a BJP candidate in Maharashtra, his 4,000 'daughters and sons-in-law' are campaigning. Though one must be curious to know how this can even possible. But it is true that for this candidate, his troops are more than what Dhritarashtra (100 sons) had in epic Mahabharata.

According to a Mid day report, for candidate Subhash Deshmukh who is contesting from the Solapur-South constituency, his whole troops are putting their weight behind. Now I must have to unveil the mystery of the story. The report says that through various social programme under the banner Lokmangal group, he conducts community wedding. Every year in the month of November, he facilitates such wedding and till now the number of such girls have reached upto to 2,000. He helps keeping the point in mind that girls must not be considered as a burden to their parents. He helps those deprived families who have to sell everything and even take loan to get their daughters married.

He not only helps in marriage but also provides newly couple gifts like clothes, utensils and other necessary infrastructure for starting new life. Imagine his magnanimity and kindness that he even doles out cash of Rs 5, 000 whenever a new girl child born. The amount matures once the girl reaches her puberty.

When asked about this gesture he said as quoted by Mid Day, "Arranging a marriage is a matter of pride for any father. I have often witnessed that a majority of farmers sell their land or approach moneylenders for this. To break this vicious cycle, we embarked on this mission, and, so far, have conducted weddings of 2,000 girls in the past seven years".

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