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SpiceJet horror: What is turbulence? When do planes start descending?

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New Delhi, May 02: As many as 10 people were injured when SpiceJet's Mumbai-Durgapur flight SG-945 was hit by severe turbulence during its descent. SpiceJet authorities have confirmed the event of the Mumbai-Andal Boeing 737 MAX flight facing air turbulence at the time of landing.

SpiceJet horror: What is turbulence? When do planes start descending?

What is turbulence?

The disruption in the air current which helps a plane to fly results in shakes and it is referred to as turbulence. Also known as air pockets, turbulence can cause a sudden loss of altitude temporarily.

What causes Turbulence?

Air that creates the atmosphere is always in motion. Planes use this motion to be able to fly. For a plane to fly stably, airflow passing over and under the wings need to be regular. However, some weather events can cause irregularity in the airflow and this creates air pockets. This is the reason why turbulence happens. There are other factors causing turbulence and these factors also name the different turbulence types such as clear air turbulence, temperature inversion turbulence, mechanical turbulence, etc.

What does flying in Turbulence mean?

Flying in turbulence happens when the plane is caught up in disrupted airflow during the flight. Planes can shake in turbulence. While some of them can be mild, some can be violent. Pilots can inform passengers in case of turbulence and all passengers are required to fasten their seat belts. It is of vital significance to fasten your seat belts as violent turbulence can throw passengers out of their seats. According to research conducted in the USA, in 2005, only 58 passengers out of 800 get harmed during turbulence and it is known that most of the passengers harmed were not wearing their seat belts at that moment.

When do planes start descending?

When flying under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), the decision to begin descending is made by Air Traffic Control based on air traffic, destination conditions, airport traffic, and more. This will usually end up being roughly 20-30 minutes before the scheduled landing time at the destination.

How long does it take to descend and land?

When you finally hear the pilot come over the radio and announce to the passengers and crew that they're preparing for final descent, it can be a relief! But sometimes it can seem like the flight just continues to go on and on. So how long does it really take for a plane to go from cruising speed and altitude to landing on the runway and safely coming to a stop at the gate?

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