Smile you are on camera- How Pakistan trapped this spy

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New Delhi, Nov 1: Smile you are on camera. This is what happened to the spy who shared documents for the first time with a staffer in the Pakistan high commission. Farhat Khan who has been a spy for the past twently years was just not able to get out of the muck he had got into.


The first time he shared a document for the lure of money. The pressure was clearly building on him and of course the fear of getting caught loomed largely over his head. The first time that he handed over a document, the Pakistanis made sure that he was shot on camera.

This was the trap that had been set and Farhat Khan had no choice but to keep passing on documents fearing that the Pakistanis may out him. He tells the police that at times he felt that he should get out of this web. But each time he tried telling his handlers, they would threaten to make public the photographs in which he is seen handing over secret documents.

To make matters worse for him, at one party held at the Pakistan High Commission, he was photographed with women. The women would be intentionally sent towards him and then someone would shoot pictures. This too was used as a blackmail tool against him, an investigating officer added.

During the course of the questioning, Khan revealed that he was in touch with various persons. Moreover he had earned the trust of several politicians and had worked as their personal assistants. This helped him get access to secret files which he would pass on, he also revealed during his questioning.

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