Shocking: Study reveals Delhi street food contains faecal matter

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New Delhi, May 29: Think twice before you dig into a plate of your favourite momos or a spicy-tangy pani puri next time you visit your favourite street food joint. The reason- a new study has shown high level of faecal matter in fast food joints in several west and central Delhi localities.

According to a report in The Daily Mail (read here), the study was carried out by Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutirtion, Pusa showed that E Coli. bacteria was present in huge quantity in the food sample collect from west and central Delhi localities. [OMG! We are drinking dinosaur's urine everyday!]

Delhi street food

The study was done to understand the microbial level in Delhi's street food. Five locations were chosen where daily sales were said to be maximum for collecting samples. Five street and five franchisee food products were taken from most popular shops.

Food items like samosa, golgappa, burger and momos were chosen and the results were shocking.

The normal Most Probable Number (MPN) of coliform bacteria is 50 or less as per the Central Pollution Control Board, but it was found to be over 2,400 in the samples of branded burger, vegetarian and non-vegeterian momos and other food items, the report said.

The reason behind for such high levels of bacteria in the food is said to be contaminated water and unhygienic conditions while cooking. These bacteria can cause vomiting and diarrhea and several other digestive problems. 

So next time you dig into your favourite plate of momos think twice about what you are about to ingest.

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