Another shocking revelation: Sheena Bora was pregnant at the time of her murder

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Mumbai, Aug 28: Another twist has come to fore in the sensational murder mystery of Sheena Bora, who was allegedly killed by her mother Indrani Mukherjea. It has been revealed now that Sheena was few months pregnant when she was brutally killed.

The man who had made Sheena pregnant was someone very close to Indrani. As per media reports, Sheena had even gone to Thailand along with this unidentified man.

Rahul Mukerjea and Sheena Bora

Reports say that Sheena had shared this matter with Indrani few months before she was killed.

What Mumbai top cop said 

Earlier, Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria said the police have a fair idea of the motive behind the murder of Sheena Bora but declined to elaborate saying the "third accused" (Sanjeev Khanna) was yet to be interrogated. "We have a fair idea of the motive of the murder.

However, the third accused (Khanna, a former husband of Sheena's mother Indrani Mukherjea) is yet to reach Mumbai and to be interrogated. Only then, we will be able to tell you about the motive," Maria told reporters after a day-long interrogation of Indrani, her driver and Rahul Mukherjea at the suburban Khar police station.

To a question whether the police had confirmed if Sheena was Indrani's sister (as the latter had made people believe) or her daughter, Maria said "Sheena is the daughter of the lady accused."

The Police Commissioner also said the investigators today recorded the statement of the accused who signed as Sheena on the letters prepared by the "lady accused" informing the company in Mumbai where Sheena worked that she was resigning, and also Sheena's landlord that she was ending her lease and license agreement.

Peter Mukherjea made U-turn

In a U-turn, former Star India CEO Peter Mukherjea said that deceased Sheena Bora had informed him that she was his step-daughter but he had no reasons not to believe his wife Indrani's denial of that claim though he found it "difficult to digest".

Till yesterday Mukherjea was saying that he wasn't aware of the fact that Sheena was Indrani's daughter as his wife had always projected her as her sister.

"I was told before we got married that Indrani had a brother and a sister, Sheena was the sister and Mikhail was the brother. Sheena at some later point had pointed out that it was incorrect information.

When Sheena was murdered

Sheena was murdered on April 24, 2012. Her body was found on May 23 that year after Indrani's driver Shyam Rai revealed the murder site to police.

Both Indrani and the driver were arrested on Tuesday on charges of killing Sheena and disposing off her body in Raigad, near Mumbai. A court sent Indrani to police custody till August 31.

Sheena had been employed as an assistant manager with Mumbai Metro One Pvt. Ltd. since June 20, 2011. She took leave of absence on April 24, 2012, the day she was killed. Mumbai Metro said she sent her resignation while on leave.

Peter Mukherjea said he was "mentally very shocked" and stumped by his wife's arrest. "I am dumbstruck by this level of criminality."

"Sheena was having an affair with my son... When she disappeared in 2012, I was told she was studying in the US. I asked Indrani and she showed me pictures of Sheena at a Diwali function there," Mukherjea said.

What Mikhail Bora told police about Indrani

Revealing gory details, Mikhail said Indrani had a son (he himself) and a daughter (Sheena) from a boyfriend while studying in Shillong.

Indrani left for Kolkata in the early 1990s, leaving the minor children with her parents in Guwahati where they grew up.

After completing schooling, after encountering financial difficulties, the siblings went searching for Indrani in Mumbai.

"She was not willing to introduce us to anyone as her son and daughter. After spending some time in Mumbai, I came back to be with my grandparents in Guwahati while Sheena stayed back there."

He said he was in touch with Sheena till 2012 but lost all contact with his elder sister after that.

He said when he asked his mother about her whereabouts, she replied that Sheena had gone to the US and was working for a big company.

But she refused to share Sheena's contact details and kept saying that he should not interfere in Sheena's life.

"Last year, when my mother came to Guwahati and I sought details about Sheena, she not only became angry but threatened to stop sending whatever pocket money she sent every month," Mikhail said.

"It is a shock to learn that Sheena was murdered by our mother. But she can do it," he added.

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