Murder Mystery: Revealed! How Sheena Bora cursed Indrani Mukherjea in her personal diary

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New Delhi, Sept 3: Sheena Bora murder mystery is getting murkier day by day. Police has yet not been able to identify the person who actually committed the crime, though they have fare idea that out of three-Sheena Bora's mother Indrani Mukherjea, Sanjeev Khanna and driver one must be the master mind.

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According to latest twist in the case, reportedly Sheena's diary entries has come to the light. Sheena used to note down her feelings and daily routine work in the diary.

Sheena Bora's diary entries revealed

The content of the diary establish the fact that Sheena must had been a troubled past. In the diary, she expressed her feeling towards her mother Indrani and father Sidhartha Das.

What she wrote about mother Indrani

According to exclusive DNA report, the content of diaries includes Sheena's study notes, some phone numbers and letters to her father. All entries were made when Sheena was in the tenth standard in year 2003.

Expressing her anger and disgust towards Indrani, Sheena termed her mother a witch. Apparently, Sheena was not happy at all with her mother because she didn't get motherly love from her.

Expressing her feeling about sad and lonely life of her, Sheena writes, "Oh! Happy Birthday to me! But I am not happy. It seems as if I have got nothing in my life. Nothing! My future seems very bleak to me. Just depression has encircled me from all sides. Disgusting life it is. I hate my mother, that bloody b***h. She is not a mother. She is a witch...''

It looks like Sheena was unhappy that Indrani left Sidhartha Das and married to Peter Mukherjea. Cursing her mother, Sheena in the diary writes, "Now she (Indrani) marries with that old man (Peter Mukerjea). This act may be very prestigious, wise to Aita & Kaka (Sheena's grandparents) but not in case of me. I hate her. I wish her soul gets condemned and even in hell''.

About her father Sidhartha Das

DNA report writes that Sheena loved her father Sidhartha Das very much, though some small incidents made her angry and unhappy at times.

About her feeling to Sidhartha Das, she writes, "Daddy, I am very angry with you. O.k. I didn't get any time to write any letter to you but you should have written to me. Very mean ha! Well, even I am sorry for not writing any letter to you. In Class X, we have to work very hard. In the morning at 7.30. We have to go to school and again I have to attend my maths coaching class 3 O'clock to 4.30 pm and again from 6 O'clock to 8 O'clock my science coaching class. I reach home at about 8.30 pm. Hope you can imagine how hard I'm working.''

She further writes that Grandparents hate you but I like you. "Daddy, I've cut my nails and I haven't grown them long. I'm following your advice - first studies then style. I know you have a lot to tell me but daddy don't write anything in any of your letter. I hope you'll come once before my HSLC exams. Why don't you make a trip to Guwahati in December. Then you can tell me everything you wanted me to know", diary entries write.

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