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Shammiwitness chargesheet: He swayed British jihadis more


Bengaluru, Jun 2: Mehdi Masroor Biswas alias @shammiwitness could face seven years in jail if found guilty of propagating for the ISIS. A chargesheet was filed against him before a court by the Bengaluru police and what is worthy noting is the size of the document.

36,986 pages is by far one of the biggest chargesheets filed in recent times. While the modus operandi on the manner in which he operated was described in just around 1000 pages, the remaining pages contained the material evidence that the Bengaluru police say that they had collected against him.

Shammiwitness swayed UK jihadis more

Images and videos:

The chargesheet which has attached to it, 15,446 images relating to the ISIS says that these were pictures used regularly to spread the propaganda.

These images according to the police were solely related to propaganda material. Most of the ISIS related propaganda material is gory by nature and focuses a lot on beheading of people and also soldiers standing on a battle field holding up the victory sign.

In addition to this there were also videos relating to the ISIS which were found on the system on his system. These videos were circulated heavily on the web, not just by Biswas but by various other ISIS sympathizers, the police have also alleged. The videos and the pictures that the police found on the laptop belonging to Biswas was 1.56 GB.

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The police also say that there are some documents which were also found on his laptop. An analysis of this would show that he had been putting out information which in turn would help ISIS aspirants.

The information which is normally found on the internet gives out details on how to join the ISIS and also the manner in which the camps could be reached. The police also say in the chargesheet that between 2013 and 2014, he had used a special VPN software to conceal his identity.

It was through this concealed id that he had chatted with various persons which the police say was related to the ISIS. The police have also placed in the chargesheet 854 pages of his chat history.

Swayed more British jihadis:

A bear reading of the case would suggest that Biswas played a bigger role in influencing Western Jihadis than those from India.

The police have tried looking for a link between Biswas and Areeb Majeed of Mumbai, but there is nothing really to show that the two were interlinked.

Majeed had joined the ISIS last year only to come back to India. After he had reached Iraq he was made to clearn toilets and he decided to return stating that he had not signed up for this. The chargesheet which was filed against Majeed recently by the NIA does not mention Biswas anywhere.

The investigations into the Biswas case would show that he had a bigger influence on British aspirants rather than those from India. The only link that the police could directly draw in the Indian context was his praise of jihad in Kashmir.

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