See it to believe it: A young Kerala man has 60,000 bees on his face

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The sight of a bee, or worse, many of them, can leave the best and bravest of people running for cover, with the only thought in mind being that of the pain and swelling that follow a sting. And if such evasive action still fails to protect them, remedies from things made of iron like keys, or pickle, to rub on the area where the bee has stung, are frantically searched for.

See it to believe it: A young Kerala man has 60,000 bees on his face

Well, this holds true for most people. But a 21-year-old from Thrissur, Kerala, is not one of them. A recent video posted on YouTube proves that he is not, as it shows him covered by bees with around 60,000 of them sitting on his face.

The young man, Nature M.S, is not only not scared of bees and the pain that follows being stung by them but can live his life like any normal person while he is surrounded by thousands of them, as he claims that he can read and dance while bees cover his face.

He is the son of Sajayakumar, an award-winning beekeeper from Kerala, and he had a childhood where he grew up with the insects around him. He adds that he started doing such stunts at the age of five and that he does not feel the pain that follows a bee sting as they only bite him playfully.

Though unnerving to most others, he says he feels comfortable around them as the bond he has with them was established at a very young age. As for the pain that usually follows a close encounter with these creatures, he claims to have never felt pain even though he has been bitten by them several times. He feels it is because the bond that he has with the bees is mutual.

According to him, the main reason behind such stunts that he wants the public to witness is to raise awareness among them and to root out notions of them being threatening to humans. He is a student of agriculture and hopes to complete a PhD in beekeeping while dedicating his life to the conservation of bees.

He wants to continue to dedicate his life to the conservation of bees and describes the stunts as an effort to raise awareness among the people and to dispel the notion of bees as threatening. He is an agriculture student and hopes to do a PhD on beekeeping.

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