Saradha- Did Mitra tell Sen to omit names?

By: OneIndia Contributor
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Kolkata, Dec 11: Was it really Sudipto Sen who wrote the letter to the Central Bureau of Investigation spilling out details of the Saradha scam that he masterminded. The Central Bureau of Investigation does not believe that it was Sen who had written the letter. Instead it must be the handiwork of a top cop and a leader of the Trinamool Congress, the CBI suspects.

Last year the mastermind of the scam, Sudipto Sen had written a lengthy letter to the Central Bureau of Investigation, giving out details of the scam. However Sen had named only some persons like Kunal Ghosh in the letter who many believe was made a scape goat in the case in a bid to protect the top leadership of the party.

Saradha chit fund

CBI sources tell oneindia that they suspect that the letter was not written by Sen. It was in fact written by some leaders of the party and a deliberate attempt was made to omit some of the top names of the TMC.

Madan Mitra:

The transport minister of West Bengal continues to avoid CBI questioning. Just when he got wind of the fact that he may be questioned, he admitted himself to the hospital. After that a second summons had been issued to him, but he said he was recovering and resting at home.

The CBI says that he is aware of that letter by Sen. It was in fact the former DGP Rajat Majumdar who allegedly contributed a lot to that letter. We want to find out if Mitra had anything to do with that letter.

Glaring proof:

The CBI says that there is glaring evidence against several TMC leaders in the Saradha scam. It is strange that Sen who knew was going down could have tried and saved some of the leaders. Sen today in custody has repeatedly said that he felt cheated and several top brass leaders had assured to protect him.

The CBI also notes that if Sen had decided to come clean there was no way in which he was going to protect the other accused especially the top leadership.

The CBI says that the other way of looking at this case is Sen could have written the letter, but was narrated to him by some top leaders. They must have deliberately asked him to omit the names on the assurance that they would bail him out.

This is a new twist to the Saradha scam. The CBI has a great deal to ask Mitra during their questioning. He has told us that he will appear before us on Friday. Apart from the letter and the omissions, Mitra will also be questioned about the large land deals entered into by Saradha at Bishnupur where he was elected as an MP on a TMC ticket.

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