Saradha has had no impact, Mamata Banerjee is winning West Bengal: IB report

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Kolkata, March 10: TMC- 184, Left Front- 70, Congress-20 and BJP-5. This is what a report by the Intelligence Bureau on the West Bengal elections has to say.

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The report by the Intelligence Bureau is very similar to the one by CVoter in terms of the TMC retaining power in the state. However according to the CVoter poll which was telecast on India TV, the TMC would get 156 while the Left Front would bag 114 seats and the Congress-42.

TMC will win Bengal election: IB

The intelligence bureau report suggests a big win for Mamta Banerjee. The report states that the TMC will sweep the South of Bengal.

The reason being mentioned by the IB is that Mamta Banerjee continues to remain a popular leader in the state and more people want to see her continue as the Chief Minister.

The report also states that none in the opposition have been able to project a strong Chief Ministerial candidate as of now.

Getting her act together:
In West Bengal a huge amount of negative press that the TMC got in the national media has had no effect.

The TMC has battled allegations at the time of the Burdwan blast and also the Saradha scam. However officials say that she made sure that the organisational capabilities of the party in the district levels remained strong.

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In the smaller areas, issues such as Saradha have not mattered to the public. While many felt that this scam and the ongoing investigations would hit the TMC hard, it appears now that it has had not much of an impact.

Political observers say that the decision by the government to immediately set up a corpus of Rs 500 crore to pay back those cheated by the Saradha group was seen by many as a good will gesture.

These issues may have a bit of an impact in the urban belts, but the TMC has ensured that their rural votes have remained intact.

As of now the TMC has one of the best units in the district levels. Although there have been a host of factional feuds within party ranks recently at the rural levels, the TMC has managed to douse that fire too.

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