Pune Shocker: Boy tries to stab mother, poses nude for mobile phone, internet craze

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Pune, Sept 10: What can be more shocking than the news that a 15-year-old boy tried to hack his mother as she disconnected internet connection through which the boy communicates with his friends online.

The incident took place in Pune where the parents of the boy were taken aback to see their son's behaviour. They took him to a mental hospital in Mumbai.

According to media reports, the boy initially followed all instructions while he was taken to the hospital. However, later he stripped to pose nude protesting against his parents' decision to take him to the hospital.

Boy became so hooked to his online life that he lost his mental balance

The teen was given shock treatment as a part of his psychiatric treatment. A doctor was quoted as saying, "The boy had become so hooked to his online life and friends that he lost his mental balance."

According to reports, the teen had attacked his 47-year-old mother, a teacher by profession, on Aug 6. He tried to stab his mother with a knife from their kitchen.

According to sources, he used to spend hours on his smartphone and computer, ignoring his studies and shutting out family members and real friends.

When the boy attacked his mother, he was restrained by his 50-year-old father, a municipal employee, who rushed from the adjoining room after hearing her screams.

Times of India report claimed that the teen, whose identity has not been revealed yet, had around 500 friends across different messaging platforms such as -- WhatsApp, LINE, WeeChat, Viber.

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