PM Modi at MyGov Townhall: These self-styled 'Gau Rakshaks' anger me

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New Delhi, Aug 6: These swayam sevi sanghatans ( self-styled organisations) should stop troubling others and instead ensure that they sacrifice in the name of the country.

Taking a dig at these so-called gau rakshaks(cow protectors), the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi said that he was angry with such persons. He was speaking at a town hall style event on the completion of two years of his MyGov initiative. 

Narendra Modi

People have opened shops in the name of gau rakshak. I get angry. Some people indulge in anti social activity all night and in the night they wear the garb of a gau rakshak, the Prime Minister also said.

I urge the state governments to prepare a dossier on such persons. These persons cannot escape the anti social acts that they undertake in the name of gau rakshak.

I have told the state government that such swayam sevis or self voluntary groups have come up. Prepare a dossier on their anti social acts and place it in the dossier, the Prime Minister said.

Further Modi also pointed out that a lot of cows die because of plastic consumption. These gau rakshaks should ensure that people stop throwing plastic on the roads. This would go a long way and also ensure that the cows do not consume plastic, Modi also said.

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