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Perseid meteor shower 2019: Where, When and how to livestream best meteros shower of the year?


New Delhi, Aug 12: The much-anticipated meteor shower will peak the night of Monday, August 12, into the morning of Tuesday, August 13. With the moon being bright and almost full, the 2019 Perseids may not be quite as spectacular in some years. The bright moon will shine all night long, washing out many of the dimmer meteors.

Perseid meteor shower 2019: Where, When and how to livestream best meteros shower of the year?

On the night of Friday, August 9, the show kicked off with the moon pairing up with Jupiter in the southern sky. Saturday night then featured the alignment of the three celestial objects as the moon appeared nearly directly between Jupiter and Saturn.

Why is it called Perseid meteor shower 2019 ?

It's called 'the Perseids' because the meteors seem to originate from the constellation of Perseus. The Perseids occur when the nights are reliably warm and the skies are more likely to be clear.

What's so special about the Perseids?

The Perseids meteor shower can rain down well over 50 meteors per hour, sometimes as many as 200. If the moon is out of the way, it can be a stunning experience.

How to watch Perseid meteor shower 2019?

If you want to go out and see the Perseids, the best time to view the shower is from about 2am until just before dawn. Plan on camping out.

They are be visible as early as 9-10pm, but they'll steadily increase in number throughout the night until the pre-dawn hours.

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Add the moon setting after 2am, and getting out there before dawn starts to look pretty good, whether that means staying out all night or setting the alarm for absurdly early in the morning.

The radiant -- where the meteors appear to come from in the sky -- for the Perseids is the constellation Perseus. For the best viewing experience, find the constellation in the sky, but don't look directly at it. The meteors will streak across the sky, moving away from the constellation.

Where to livestream Perseid meteor shower 2019?

Just because you can't see it above you doesn't mean you won't be able to catch the meteor shower.

A number of services are offering free live stream so you can catch all the action online instead.

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Space.com will be offering a livestream of the meteor shower on its website starting at 9pm ET on Monday from Slooh. Its low-light cameras are capable of capturing even faint meteors, and it will be showing the shower from telescopes positioned in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

You can also check out a live stream of the show thanks to the Virtual Telescope Project on its website as well as on YouTube. That stream will start at 6pm ET on Monday.

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