Pathankot attack: Terrorists took orders from a Major

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New Delhi, Jan 5: The call intercepts picked up between the terrorists who attacked the Pathankot air force station and their handlers in Pakistan suggest that they kept referring to a Major and very often took the word Air Force.

The calls were made from the cell phone of the Superintendent of Police, Gurdaspur, Salwinder Singh.

Terrorists took orders from a Major?

The National Investigation Agency which is probing the case is questioning the SP, his cook Mohan and jeweller friend Rajesh who were in the car when the terrorists abducted them. While the terrorists let off Singh and Mohan, they slit the throat of Verma.

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The terrorists may have thought that Verma was dead and let him off, but he managed to get up and reach out for help.

Air force was a word often used:

According to the account of the witnesses, the terrorists referred to the caller at the other end as Major. The word Major is a very commonly used by terrorists and they often refer to their handlers as Major, Commander of Aaka (supreme commander).

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When the terrorists first abducted the SP, they drove around without any direction. However after they let go of the SP and the cook, they continued to drive on. They used the SP's phone to make a call and kept using the world Air Force according to the account given by Verma. They even asked Verma how far the Amritsar airport was.

NIA officials say that they will cross verify the statements of all the three persons who were in that car which was stolen by the terrorists. The NIA had said earlier that there was too much contradiction in the statements.

Earlier today the SP, Singh told reporters that the terrorists let him go because they did not know he was a cop. Further he also said that his hands had been tied up, but he managed to escape. He further added that the terrorists had returned in search for him in a bid to kill him.

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