Video: Pakistan's ex-interior minister Rehman Malik thrown off a plane

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Rehman Malik
Islamabad, Sept 16: A shocking mobile video, which has been uploaded on YouTube, has gone viral. The video shows that former Interior Minister of Pakistan -- Rehman Malik has been thrown off of a plane.

According to reports, the PK 370 of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) was delayed by 2 hours before leaving for Islamabad from Karachi.

While angry passengers blamed Malik for the delay, airline officials have not confirmed the reason yet. Many suspected that the flight was delayed for some technical glitch which is reportedly very common with PIA.

Pakistani website posted a video series which showed the incident inside the plane. The video has gone viral on YouTube and on other sites. Video has been viewed more than 53,000 times.

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In the video, one angry passenger was heard saying, "My foot VIP. I will grill him. Don't you worry. When he comes in." Another frustrated passenger chimes in Urdu,"Sir, someone should grill these donkeys. They delay us by 2-3 hours all the time."

Other passengers told, "We have taken it (the VIP culture) for 68 years [that's how long Pakistan has been independent]. Are we going to take it for another 68 years?"

Malik, meanwhile, was seen walking towards the plane and he was opposed by the passengers. One flight member was heard of saying to Malik, "Sir, before you go back, you should apologize to these passengers!"

"Rehman Malik 250 passengers have been delayed because of you. I am sorry. It is your fault sir. You should be ashamed of yourself. Mr. Malik, you are not a minister anymore. And even if you are a minister, we don't care. We don't care! You people have to become humans. Come down to earth!" said another passenger.

Citing protest near the flight door, Malik went back. Passengers later asked flight crew to close the gates and "fly this plane to Islamabad. This should be [known] and recorded, Rehman Malik has been offloaded. [We] threw him out!"

However, Malik overruled all such reports saying that the flight was not delayed for him. The former minister of the country turned to micro-blogging site Twitter and wrote, "I hv right to defend myself agst the allegation.PK370 /1900hr was delayed b/c tech reasons/was expected to leave at 2030. So no delay for me."

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