Pakistan generates 80 per cent of social media profiles for Kashmir's youth

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New Delhi, May 9: Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials say that at least 80 per cent of the posts in support of Kashmir militants have originated from Pakistan.

The social media team of these Kashmiri militants are on an over driver mode and have been creating scores of profiles to celebrate the martyrdom of the militants.

Pak celebrates martyrdom of militants

Ideally such profiles are immediately blocked at the request of the police or the intelligence bureau. However the IB has decided to take a slightly different approach in such cases and want to keep those profiles running for sometime as it helps gather intelligence.

From Pakistan the anti India pages:

There has been a spurt in the number of social media profiles where Kashmir is concerned. While the Hizbul Mujahideen is extremely active on the social media there are many other profiles that post anti India content. Investigations have shown that almost 80 per cent of the profiles are generated from Pakistan.

These terrorist friendly profiles are found extensively on Facebook. IB officials say that they seem to prefer creating accounts on Facebook when compared to Twitter.

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If one does go through the content that is being posted, attempts are made to stir up passions against the Indian government. The posts give a clarion call to the Kashmiri youth to raise arms against the Indian establishment.

IB officials say that in normal course such profiles are immediately tracked and blocked. However the moment these profiles are blocked new ones are created almost immediately.

Hence in many cases we have let these profiles remain active for some months and this helps us in gathering intelligence, the officer also pointed out.

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