Pakistan boat was carrying nearly 100 kgs of heroine

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Bengaluru, April 21: The Pakistan boat that was intercepted off the Porbandar coast on Monday is said to have been carrying at least 100 kilograms of heroine on it. Preliminary investigations state that it was a boat which was sailing into the Indian waters with drugs and so far no angle of terror has cropped up as yet.

There were 8 persons who were on board and all are suspected to be drug smugglers. They even had satellite phones with them sources informed.

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Pak boat was carrying 100 kg of heroine

Investigations too preliminary

An officer associated with the probe informed OneIndia that the probe is still at a very preliminary stage. Prima facie it is a case of drug smuggling. There was heroine being carried on that boat and the 8 persons are drug smugglers from Pakistan, the source also informed.

Pak boat was carrying 100 kg of heroine

We need to analyse the contraband on the boat before we could conclude anything, the officer further stated. We have been watching that boat for sometime now. Their activity was extremely suspicious. The boat was finally intercepted between the Jhkau and Porbandar port.

A notorious drug route

The drug route through the waters has been notorious for several years now. Several drug smugglers from Pakistan often come into Porbandar before off loading the drugs. There are persons who collect these drugs and then circulate it to the rest of the country.

Pak boat was carrying 100 kg of heroine

The racket is rampant off the Gujarat coast. Most of the drugs also find its way into the state of Maharashtra where the D company runs one of its biggest drug syndicates.

Guarded statements

The Navy and the Coast Guard this time around are being extremely guarded in issuing statements. There is a directive from the Indian government to watch out what they share especially after the Pakistan boat incident of December 31 2014.

Pak boat was carrying 100 kg of heroine

The Defence Ministry had maintained that it was a bonafide operation which involved terrorists from Pakistan. The ministry had also said that the inmates of the boat blew themselves up. However controversy was stoked when DIG of the Coast Guard, Loshali claimed he ordered blowing up of the boat. He was subject to an inquiry.

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